Is Your Boss Empathetic?

And why does it matter?

Boss RelationshipsWe all have bad boss stories. Maybe you had a boss yell at you every day, never show up for work, or take credit for a project you completed solo. Or perhaps your manager just didn’t really care or acknowledge you at all.

All of those bosses are lacking one key trait—empathy.

In a recent study, Businessolver® found that 91% of CEOs “believe empathy is directly linked to a company’s financial performance, while 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay with an empathetic employer.”

However, while 92% of CEOs think their organizations are empathetic, only 72% of employees agree.

To find out whether your boss is empathetic, look for the following qualities.

They Listen

An empathetic boss cares about you as a person, not just an employee. They ask you about how your family is doing, listen to your vacation stories, and remember what you say.

They want you to succeed and know how your personal life affects your work life.

They Encourage You to Ask Questions

An authoritarian boss might demand that you follow their instructions to the letter without any questions. To them, questions imply that you don’t know what you’re doing and aren’t the right person for the job.

An empathetic boss wants you to ask questions so you understand the process. They know that you can’t deliver the best possible result if you don’t know where to start.

They’re Honest and Upfront with You

If someone has a complaint about you, or you miss a deadline, an empathetic boss will approach you about it. They want to understand your perspective and help resolve the situation.

An unempathetic boss might gossip about you or let problems fester until they result in a major confrontation. Or worse, your dismissal from the company.

They Encourage Team-Building

A great boss knows that it isn’t enough for the manager to be empathetic—the team members should have a certain amount of empathy for each other as well.

The best way to achieve that is through team-building activities. Once teammates get to know each other, it will be easier for them to work together.

How many of these qualities does your boss have? Did they past the empathy test? Let us know in the comments section below!

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