Keeping Your Work and Personal Lives Separate

You want to be the best employee you can be. Professional, organized, and enthusiastic. But you also want to be you with your own opinions and personal life.

Reconciling these two worlds is difficult. How many email accounts do you need? What about social media? Do you add all of your work colleagues on Facebook? Do you really need a LinkedIn?

We’re here to answer all your question. Let’s get started.

Keep Multiple Email Accounts

You should have one professional email that consists of some variation of your first and last name (for example, or Use this email for applying to jobs, networking, and any business cards you might have. You don’t want to be contacting potential employers with or

However, there’s nothing wrong with using fun, less professional emails for other types of websites, like your favorite online stores or silly newsletters.

Be Careful with Social Media

If you want to add your co-workers on social media, go for it! However, be aware that it’s possible your co-workers will show whatever you post to your boss or other folks in your business. So, if you’re one to post a constant stream of memes, or if you have plenty of pictures and videos you’d rather your boss not see, consider keeping your social media to friends and family.

If you want to keep your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to friends and family, but still want to stay in contact with your work pals, consider getting a LinkedIn account.


While having a LinkedIn profile isn’t expected in every industry, it’s prevalent in the professional sector. After all, making an account is simple and free, and it can’t hurt to have your resume be easily searchable. Just make sure to keep your profile up to date.

Leave Your Work at Work

Unless your job demands it, try to stop yourself from bringing work home with you. Since you usually work around 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week (or more), you need a break. Your home should be your sanctuary from all the stress of the day.

Are you able to keep your work and personal lives separate? How do you do it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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