Question of the Month: Are Employer-Provided Benefits a Factor in Your Decision to Work for a Company?

The job market has more open positions than qualified job seekers looking for those positions, which means companies have to be competitive to attract talent.

One way to do this is with great benefits. To find out what you think about company-provided benefits, we’re asking about it in this month’s poll. Let us know!



Have anything else to say about benefits or health insurance? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Lynquanis Mills

    I love working for Express and they have always been great to me. I plan to continue working for them as long as they are a company.

  2. Terri Woods

    Excellent employer, takes care of their staff, be providing good insurance, fair time off, and acknowledges that staff have lives beyond their job. These employer also recognizing that staff enjoy when there family is invited to company get togethers.

  3. Carol Summers-Waite

    Regarding Health Insurance as a benefit for working. Yes, Employer groups are offered better rates, because of the numbers. Health Insurance used properly, provides a stronger, more dependable work force.
    Individuals don’t have enough to cost effectively afford Health Insurance and the copay, deductible, and co-insurances.
    There is more to offer, when the numbers are greater.
    For the employer and the employee.

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