Jobs You Can Get with Any Bachelor’s Degree

That degree is shiny and new, but uh, now what?

If you’re graduating this fall, congrats! If it’s not ‘til May, still, congrats! And if it’s in a few years? Yeah, congrats are still in order.

Regardless of when you’re graduating, you’d probably like a bit of help with the whole job search thing. Many grads don’t end up with their dream job right after earning their degree. It takes a bit of learning and experience to get there, which means you might not end up in a job related to your major (at least not at first).

Luckily, there are plenty of jobs out there that just require a bachelor’s degree, but nothing super specific. Let’s dig in!

Financial Planner

“AGH MATH! NO!” That’s probably what you’re thinking right? But being a financial planner is about so much more. Many financial planners have degrees totally unrelated to finance. A bachelor’s degree gets you the general know-how you need, while most of the job-specific stuff is learned on the job, through training, or in certified financial planner and licensing books.

(Insert Industry Here) Administrative Assistant

Okay, scheduling and assisting doesn’t sound like the most fun thing in the world. But hear us out. Many industries like to see their administrative assistant have a degree that’s related to the industry. And if you’re looking for experience, there’s no better place to be than an admin. You learn how everything works, from the ground up, and work with people in pretty much every department. Many admins move up through the company, with some even becoming executives. And plenty of folks discover they love the multitasking nature of being an admin all on its own!

Sales Representative

Just like admin assistants, there are sales reps in every industry. And having a bachelor’s degree puts you one step ahead of the competition. You can be in outside sales (meaning you go out into the field and actively convince folks to buy your stuff) or inside sales (meaning you stay, well…inside, and handle sales and support from home or an office location). If you want to learn about products, get to know people, and are competitive, sales can be a great choice!

And this is just a partial list of all the great jobs out there waiting for you! Don’t get discouraged if you can’t find a specialist position that meshes with your major—plenty of other grads are dealing with the same issue. Take on something that allows you to learn and grow and you’ll nab that dream job in no time.

Any other questions about jobs you can get with a bachelor’s degree? Let us know in the comments section below!

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