Workforce News and Statistics for Your Job Search: 4th Quarter 2019

Finding the perfect job isn’t easy. Understanding the current job market conditions,  job applications, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and more—it can be a lot. To bring you up to speed on job seeker news this quarter, we’ve done our research and put job statistics and job search news all in one place.


Let’s dig in.


4th Quarter Job Stats
According to Express Employment Professionals’ Fourth Quarter 2019 Job Insights Survey, employers remain generally optimistic about the employment market for the fourth quarter of 2019.

  • 89% of employers said their markets are either “trending up” (40%) or “staying the same” (49%)
  • Only 11% forecast a downward trend in employment activity
  • 93% do not plan to eliminate any positions within key segments in the fourth quarter

The top five segments hiring in the fourth quarter of 2019 include:

  • General Labor (Industrial): 34%
  • Skilled Labor (Industrial): 28%
  • Administrative/Office Clerical: 18%
  • Accounting/Finance: 7%
  • Engineering: 6%


Job Search

Protect Your Resume from Age Discrimination

SimplyHired.Com – Oct. 2, 2019

Age discrimination is illegal. But that doesn’t mean that recruiters are incapable of noticing how old you are. If you’re of retirement age, they might not hire you because they think  you’ll retire soon.

There are a few tweaks you can make to your resume to avoid revealing your age.

These include:

  • Keeping your experience relevant. Cater your resume to the job, and list your current position rather than every promotion you’ve received.
  • Don’t include dates for everything. If your certifications are out of date, don’t list them. Don’t put down your graduation year, either. This doesn’t mean you should eliminate dates entirely, but use them sparingly (and only if they’re relevant).
  • Use a professional summary. This is a blurb about who you are and what you’ve accomplished, as opposed to an objective statement, which details what you WANT to accomplish.


On the Job

8 Stress-Busting Mood Boosters to Feel Better in the Office

USNews.Com – Oct. 29, 2019

Even when you love your job, there are some days where the hours just can’t pass fast enough. Here are a few exercises guaranteed to jumpstart your motivation.

  • Spend 60 seconds meditating.
  • Bolster your negative thoughts with positivity.
  • Embrace positive psychology.
  • Let yourself accept it’s okay to say no.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Use the ‘90/10’ rule, where you change your work pattern every 90 minutes for 10 minutes.
  • Think about how you feel and put a name to that feeling.
  • Take time to identify stress and why you’re experiencing it.


Interview Tips

4 Smart Tips For Answering Interview Questions

WorkItDaily.Com – Oct. 24, 2019

Interviews are stressful, but you can reduce that stress by following these four tips:

  • Don’t answer questions impulsively. Make sure your interviewer finishes asking their question before you answer. That way your answer will cover every element of the question, and you won’t interrupt.
  • Take a moment to think about your answer. Your interviewer isn’t in any major hurry; you’re allowed to take a bit of time to think how you’ll answer.
  • Structure your answer. Try to keep three main points in mind and cover each one succinctly.
  • Add a bit of personal flair to your answer. You should let your personality show through, because after all, your interviewer is hiring a person, not a resume!

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