What Time to Show Up for an Interview

Is there such a thing as being too punctual?

The big day is here, and it’s time to head off to your interview. But how early should you get there? Is it okay to be a bit late because of traffic?

The answers to these questions are incredibly important because your punctuality could make or break your getting the job. Here are our suggestions.

  1. DON’T Be Too Early

Ideally, you want to walk into the doors of the company you’re interviewing with about 15 minutes before your interview starts. Getting there any earlier than that could be a burden for the front office coordinator.

But you should get to the company parking lot about 30 minutes before your interview starts. That way you can build in a buffer for traffic or anything else that might happen on the way to your interview. It also allows you a few moments to yourself to prepare before you walk in the company building.

  1. DON’T Be Late (At All)

Getting to the company with plenty of spare time is important, because being even just a few minutes late can ruin your chances with an interviewer. Interviewers sometimes see applicants in groups, meaning that your being late by five minutes can negatively affect the entire interviewing schedule.

If you are late, simply state the reason and move on. You don’t want to spend time fumbling over excuses; you should be remembered for your stellar interview, not the reasons you were late.

  1. DON’T Stay Too Late

Once your interview is over, your interviewer will most likely ask if you have any questions. You should have around three prepared, but once those have been answered, it’s time to go. Don’t take up time talking about anything that isn’t job related, and avoid a lengthy chat with the front office coordinator on your way out. In short, as with all other parts of the interview, be professional.

To sum things up, getting to your interview on time is incredibly important. Do everything you can to organize things beforehand. That means finding someone to watch the kids, getting plenty of sleep, and maybe setting multiple alarms. Once you’re there, it’s time to shine! You’ll be great.

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