Keeping Up with Your 2020 Job Search Resolutions

Are you keeping up with your job search goals?

February is nearly over, which means March will be here before we know it. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating New Years and planning our job search resolutions for 2020.

If you’re up-to-date with your resolutions, you’re ahead of the pack. According to research conducted by Strava, a social network for athletes, Jan. 12 is the day most folks give up on their resolutions. That’s less than two weeks of trying. If this sounds like you, don’t worry; there’s a whole year to achieve your goals!

If you aren’t quite caught up with your job search goals, that’s understandable. New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep up with when you don’t have a plan. Here are our tips for keeping your job search resolutions going this year!

  1. Write Things Down

The easiest way to hold yourself accountable for your job search goals is to write those goals down. Your goals should be as specific and simple as possible. For instance, start out with something general, like “I want to get hired as an administrative assistant.” Then draw a line under that and outline what it will take to achieve that goal, such as “Get three interviews a month.”

But we’re not done there! You can get even more specific. What will increase your chances of getting an interview? “Submitting 10 applications a day” sounds good, as does “Revamp my resume” and “Join a networking group.” Now you’ve got some goals you can work with!

  1. Set Deadlines

Now that your goals are all organized, it’s time to set deadlines for achieving them. A great way to do this is to buy an organizational planner, preferably one that comes with goal setting fields. If you can’t find one built for goal setting, you can also buy stickers that serve the same purpose.

Write down your goals in your planner, mark their individual deadlines, and cross them off as you achieve them. Having a physical reminder of your progress makes it easier to stick to a goal setting regimen and makes it obvious when you aren’t meeting your goals.

If you start to realize that your deadlines aren’t achievable, feel free to make them easier to accomplish! Better to move forward a few steps at a time than get discouraged and give up completely.

  1. Communicate with Other Goal-Oriented People

If you’re still having trouble sticking to your schedule, find others who are also working to achieve goals. This could be other job seekers or just friends and family who are trying to get into a great school, buy a house, or move to a new state. Checking in with people and seeing how they progress can be a great motivator to meet your own goals.

Now you have a plan! We’re excited to see you achieve your goals.

How are your job search goals going? Let us know in the comments section below!

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