Should You Take A Job You Don’t Want?

After days spent submitting applications online and countless interviews at numerous businesses, you finally have a job offer. The only problem? You don’t like the job. Maybe it’s the people you would be working with, the job itself, or the company culture. Is it still worth it to take a job you don’t want? It depends on your circumstances.

  1. Take the Job: You Need the Money

If you’re in a dire situation and need money, you should take the job. After all, you might not be all that interested in the responsibilities or your soon-to-be-coworkers, but that could change later. The important thing is paying your living expenses.

  1. Don’t Take the Job: You Like Your Current Job More

If you’re currently employed and like your job, don’t take on a new position you aren’t interested in just because you’re restless. If there’s a huge pay gap, talk to your boss about this new opportunity and see if you can negotiate a raise.

  1. Take the Job: It’s Easier to Job Search When You’re Employed

If you’re currently unemployed, know that it’s much easier to find a job when you have a job. Companies like to see that you’re currently employed (employment gaps don’t look great), and the job search is much less stressful when you have some sort of income.

  1. Don’t Take the Job: You Hate It

Taking a job you dislike or aren’t interested in is one thing. Taking on one you absolutely despise is another. If you can’t stand your interviewer, hate the company culture, or the position makes you compromise your values, stay far away. No job is worth being truly miserable.

  1. Take the Job: It Will Help Your Resume

If you take the job now and stick with it for a few months, you can build your resume and learn new skills. Even better if the position is with a prestigious company that will look great on your resume or give you stellar networking connections. Once you’re ready to start looking for a new job, you’ll be much better equipped to do so.

All of that said, you know your circumstances, and you know how you feel about this new job offer. So only you can decide! We can just give you the tools to help make that decision.

Have you ever accepted a job offer for a position you didn’t really like? What happened? Let us know in the comments section below!

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