How to Give Your Two-Week Notice

Maybe you got a job offer, have to move cross-country to be with your spouse, or just really want out of your job. Whatever the reason, you want to call it quits. That means it’s time to give a two-week notice.

Employers don’t give two-weeks notice when they fire employees, so having to do the same on your end might not seem fair. However, if you want to leave on good terms, it’s more or less a required action on your part. But how exactly do you give your two-week notice?

  1. Find a New Job First

Before you start drafting that letter of resignation, make sure you have another job lined up. It’s much easier to get a job offer when you’re already working. Only put in your two-week notice when you know your next job is coming up—some employers might ask you to leave the day you quit.

  1. Draft a Letter of Resignation

Before setting a meeting with your manager, you’ll need to write out your letter of resignation. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a few sentences about what you’ve learned at this position, and how thankful you are for the opportunity. Then a wrap up about how you’re moving on, and that your last day of work will be two weeks from now. Keep things positive, even if this wasn’t exactly your favorite position. It’s all about maintaining that relationship.

  1. Meet with Your Manager

First, set the meeting. You can do this via email or in-person if you prefer. It’s important to set aside 30 minutes or so on the calendar to ensure the meeting doesn’t spill over into your manager’s other meetings. At the actual in-person meeting, keep things short and upbeat, and don’t blame your manager or the company for your departure.

  1. Help with the Transition

If the company keeps you on staff until your two weeks are up, try to make the transition as seamless as possible. Giving advice and helping train your replacement can make you memorable. You never know what new opportunities might open up at the company later on!

Have you ever given two-week notice? Any tips? Let us know in the comments section below!

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