Get Ahead in Your Job Search with a Live Video Chat with Express Hiring Experts

“In these unprecedented times…” Odds are you’ve opened countless emails that started out that way, sent from companies as varied as the bakery down the street, your preferred shampoo manufacturer, or an online retailer you bought a single shirt from at some point in 2002. It can start to get old after reading it for the eighty-ninth time, but it’s accurate. Times are tough.

This is especially true for your job search. It’s easy to lose hope when it seems like nobody is hiring.

If you’re looking for guidance in your job search and a bit of light in the darkness, check out the upcoming live video chat on Facebook with Express Employment Professionals hiring experts on May 7 at 11 a.m. CDT. Express Experts will answer your questions about how to best present your skills and experience on your resume, as well as the different resume format options available.

The video chat will be hosted by Matt Tibbetts, Training Director at Express Headquarters, and feature hiring expert Mike Kreiling, SHRM-SCP, owner of four Express franchise locations.

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The Express Ask a Recruiter Series

During each video in this series, Express representatives will answer your questions on topics related to getting a job. This series is part of the Express Get Ahead program created to provide educational support and development, in preparation for the job search when you are ready to look for work.

Each year Express Employment Professionals helps more than 552,000 people find jobs, and we want to support you in preparing for the job search.


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