Hot Jobs This Spring

With the COVID-19 pandemic closing down non-essential businesses across the country, the face of seasonal hiring has changed drastically.

Although many positions traditionally popular in the spring are not currently an option, there are still several sectors actively looking for more employees. Here are just a few.

  1. Medical Device Manufacturing

As COVID-19 cases become more widespread, hospitals are beginning to run out of certain medical supplies. This means increased hiring by the manufacturers that make these devices, in a variety of positions such as manufacturing, shipping, receiving, and logistics.

  1. Landscaping and Construction

Although landscaping and construction has slowed due to the spread of the virus, many projects are still ongoing, although in a reduced capacity.

  1. Janitorial/Cleaning Services

Since the virus can be transmitted by those not showing any symptoms, frequent cleanings are a must to prevent transmission of the disease. This means an increased need for janitors and cleaning staff at both individual companies and commercial sanitizing and cleaning services.

  1. Trucking and Transportation Services

People staying at home and consuming more products along with hospitals requiring more medical supplies means an increase in goods that need to be transported.

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