Hot Summer Jobs

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has changed what seasonal hiring looks like this summer, there are still jobs available. Physical workspaces re-opening means more janitorial and temperature screener jobs, while companies still utilizing remote work need additional remote employees. Here are a few hot jobs this summer.

  • Sales

Although many people across the country are stuck at home, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped buying things. Sales representatives present, promote, and sell products and services to existing and prospective clients.

  • Customer Service/IT Support

With COVID-19 keeping people from visiting the movie theatre or going out with friends, there’s been an uptick in at-home entertainment. But more people surfing the web, streaming video, and buying fun things to do at home has resulted in more customer service requests.

Customer service representatives regularly interact with customers and clients, receive inbound and outbound calls, and sometimes work with custom company software, while those in IT Support provide assistance for technology related products and services.

  • Delivery Driver

Since it’s harder for individuals to visit restaurants in-person safely, many are ordering delivery. More deliveries equals more delivery driver jobs.

  • Warehouse Workers

An increase in online orders comes with an increase in warehouse positions. Warehouse workers do more than unload cargo. They lift boxes, push carts, organize inventory, and process goods.

  • Contact Tracers and Temp Screeners

Companies that are back to work need to ensure safety for all of their employees. As noted by the CDC, Contact Tracers “need to quickly locate and talk with the patients, assist in arranging for patients to isolate themselves, and work with patients to identify people with whom the patients have been in close contact so the contact tracer can locate them.” They are essentially health care detectives, helping those that are sick to know they became sick and then analyzing their history to identify any other people who might have been exposed.

Temp Screeners take employee temperatures through a partition, or while wearing a facemask and gloves. They help identify anyone with a temperature to ensure COVID-19 doesn’t spread throughout the workplace.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, there are still summer jobs out there; they’re just different than they were in precious years.

Are you looking for a job this summer? If so, what kind? Let us know in the comments section below!

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