How to Follow Up After a Video Interview

Although workplaces across the country are reopening, COVID-19 is still changing what the hiring process looks like. To cut down on face-to-face interactions, many companies have switched to video interviews.

Once the interview is over, it’s a good idea to reach back out to your interviewer and thank them for their time with a personal note. However, COVID-19 has changed what following-up entails. Here are a few steps to follow.

  1. Thank the Interviewer for Their Time

We usually suggest writing a handwritten thank you note as soon as you get home from your interview. However, with COVID-19 being a factor, some interviewers could be put off by traditional mail from someone they haven’t met.

Instead, write a thank you email. Make it brief, but powerful. Include something specific you learned in your interview, like how much you love the company culture or what a typical day is like. You want to show that you’re not just interested in the job, but the company and its history as well.

  1. Get in Touch About Next Steps

In an additional email to your interviewer or the HR department, politely ask about next steps and when you might expect to hear back from the company. Make sure to include specifics like your contact’s name and the exact position you’re applying for. You want to make it easier for your contact to find the email and know what the subject of the email is.

If this is a brand new email, choose a subject line that is specific to your interview. Something like RE: Bobby Jones’ Interview Status. You want to make it easy for HR to know what you’re asking for from the get-go.

  1. Call

Only call if you haven’t heard back for a month or more and really need to know the status of the position. Make sure to be as polite as possible and mention that you’re looking forward to applying again in the future. Keeping in touch and being memorable (even when you don’t get the job) is a great way to get hired in the future.

  1. DON’T Go Back to the Video Link

Interviewers sometimes use the same video link for multiple interviews. Although you might be thinking about logging back into the video call to check in and see if the position has been filled, your interviewer would see this as very disrespectful, and you might interrupt someone else’s interview. Keep communication to email after the interview.

Have you followed up after a video interview? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below!

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