Accept Job Search Rejection by Retooling Your Job Search

With the way 2020 has gone, it’s easy to get discouraged with your job search. If you graduated in May, you’ve likely found it difficult to find anyone who is hiring. And if you found yourself unemployed soon after the pandemic began, it was similarly tough to find positions to apply for.

As time has gone on, companies have started to hire again. However, the opportunities available might not match what you previously saw yourself doing. In-person networking events are also out, and it can feel like you’re sending resumes out into the void. You never hear back, you never talk to anyone, you can’t get feedback, and you start to feel defeated.

The first thing to realize is this isn’t your fault; there’s most likely nothing wrong with you as a job applicant. The market is just different now, and there could be plenty of reasons you aren’t hearing back or getting interviews. Know that, especially now, the job search is partly a numbers game: you need to accept rejection is part of the game and send out as many applications as you can. Since the job market looks different, your job search should too. Here’s how to make that happen.

  1. Consider Other Industries

If your resume and experience are great and you just aren’t hearing back from companies, it might be time to change how you’re job searching. Some industries might not be hiring as frequently in your area, but that doesn’t mean every industry is that way. Your skills and experience could be perfectly transferable to a different type of job. For instance, if you went to school and majored in art history, museum and other art-affiliated positions might not be available. But your passion for research and ability to relate to others could make you a wonderful administrative assistant.

  1. Look into Remote Work

When shutdowns happened across the country in March of this year, many businesses were forced to quickly create work-from-home solutions for their employees. A great deal of these companies still have their employees working from home, and many have already decided this will be the norm moving forward.

This means job seekers no longer need to restrict their job search to the area they live in. If your work can be done remotely, the perfect job for you could be based across the country. When you search for jobs on sites like and, expand your search to include “remote” as a keyword. You might be surprised at the opportunities that pop up.

  1. Target Online Communities

Although in-person networking events are out, online meetings via Zoom and Microsoft Teams are booming. Check out professional groups or charity groups to see what sort of online meetings they’re offering. You can find both online and national organizations now that geographic location is less of a factor. Online training opportunities are also available.

This also applies to your personal life: if you are unable to see friends or family in person, make sure to contact them online. A video chat will never be as great as seeing people in person, but those personal connections are important. You can also join hobby groups online to keep your mind off the job search.

How are you adapting your job search to the current situation? Let us know in the comments section below!

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