Poll Results: How Do You Prefer to Interact with the Companies, Stores, Etc. That You Patronize?

Companies want to reach you so they can persuade you to buy things or use their services. That’s why we get a daily barrage of emails, text messages, phone calls, and more, filled with ads and price tags.

We wanted to know your preferences when it comes to interacting with companies that you patronize, so we asked about it in a recent poll. The results might surprise you. Unwanted ads are annoying, right? Well think about how this data could apply to how your interviewer feels about unwanted inquiries.

The Results

Email led the pack, taking in 33% of the vote, followed by phone and company website at 16% and 14%, respectively. A dedicated app and “Other,” came next, at 13% and 9%, while live chat and text came in last with 8% and 6%.

Options submit under “Other” included in-person, not at all, and all of the above.

What Does This Mean for Job Seekers?

These same results apply to how you should interact with your contact after an interview. While a potential job is much more important than getting a sack of potatoes for 50% off, interviewers are busy. They don’t usually have time to answer phone calls about whether a job has been filled, or what you could have changed in your interview to get the job.

After an interview, keep your contact to a minimum. You don’t like getting the same ad flashed at you repeatedly, right? It’s the same for interviewers when it comes to applicant contact. Email them once after the interview to thank them for their time and ask about next steps, but after that don’t contact them until its been a few weeks. Avoid calling, emailing through the company website, or connecting with them via LinkedIn. Even if you don’t get this job, you want to leave a good impression for your next application.

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