Poll Results: What Measures are Most Important for You to Feel Comfortable Going Back into Your Workplace Full Time?

With more workplaces bringing employees back to work in-person, safety measures are incredibly important. Recently, we held a poll asking our readers which safety measures were most important. Here’s what they had to say.

  1. Mask Requirements

This was the most important measure by far, with more than 20% of the vote. No big surprise, given that just wearing a face covering can reduce COVID-19 transmission. Many workplaces are offering to provide employees with masks if they do not have their own.

  1. Workplace Reorganized to Accommodate Social Distancing

This came in second, with 16% of the vote. Employees want to feel safe when going back to the office. For many, even though they may be vaccinated, the thought of an overcrowded workplace can still be anxiety-inducing. Many employers plan to slowly return to normal.

  1. Comprehensive Workplace Sanitation/Disinfection Procedures

Fifteen percent of the vote went to overhauled sanitation/disinfection procedures. Lack of such standards contributed to the severity of the 2020 crisis in the first place, so proper procedures are a must.

  1. Steady Improvement in Local COVID Numbers

Eleven percent of voters preferred to not go back into the office until their local COVID numbers were on the decline. It’s hard to feel safe at work when you know that COVID is still a very real concern in your community. Even if the workplace is safe, it doesn’t mean much if employees can easily catch COVID elsewhere and bring it back into the office.

There isn’t really any one thing that employees want to feel safe at work— it’s a combination of factors.

Is there anything else you require to feel safe going back to work? What is it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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