Debunking Staffing Company Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to staffing companies. For example, plenty of job seekers assume there’s a fee associated with staffing services when there very rarely is. Express Employment Professionals, for example, never charges a fee to find people great jobs.

Since Job Journey is powered by Express, we wanted to debunk a few of the most common staffing company myths.

  1. MYTH: Staffing Companies Charge You to Apply for a Job

As we mentioned previously, most staffing companies do not charge you a fee to apply. Instead, the hiring company pays a fee for the staffing company to find stellar workers. As the worker, you don’t pay a thing. And you don’t owe the staffing company any fee after you’re hired either.

  1. MYTH: Staffing Companies Can’t Get You a Fulltime Job

Staffing companies offer both temporary and fulltime opportunities. In addition, even if a job starts out temporary, it frequently leads to fulltime work further down the line. Many job seekers who find work through Express end up in fulltime positions at companies they wouldn’t have found if it weren’t for working with a staffing company.

  1. MYTH: Staffing Companies Can’t Help College Students

Some folks only see staffing companies as a last resort when they can’t find jobs anywhere else. But staffing companies offer plenty of jobs for individuals at any stage of their career. College students can find part-time and summer jobs, interview, and gain experience with staffing companies.

And after they graduate? Staffing companies can provide double the job search power. A recent grad just needs to let their recruiter know what types of jobs they’re interested in, give them their resume, and keep job searching like they normally would. If the recruiter finds a good job fit, they’ll let the grad know!

  1. MYTH: Staffing Companies Can’t Help During the Pandemic

As the workplace starts to return to normal now that vaccinations are more readily available, staffing companies can be an incredible resource to help connect companies to job seekers. Staffing companies are the first to know when companies are hiring because that’s their business. They work with a variety of clients every day, and will likely know when jobs you’re interested in are available before you do.

And that’s that! There are plenty of myths out there, but staffing companies can offer you real help in your job search. If you have any questions about the jobs in your area, contact your local Express office, download the ExpressJobs app from your mobile store, or fill out our online contact form.

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