Poll Results: What is Your Biggest Barrier to Career Success Right Now?

Although many businesses are returning to the traditional in-person workplace, work looks different than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. There are new barriers to employment.

Recently, we asked our readers what barriers they were facing to career success, from not feeling safe in the workplace due to COVID-19 to not being able to find work. Here’s what they had to say.

The Results

Twenty-four percent of respondents said finding available work that fits their skills or career path was a major barrier, while 19% said they didn’t have the right skills, certification, or degree. Sixteen percent cited insufficient pay or benefits as the problem, while 9% had trouble finding available work in general. Just 8% found too few opportunities for growth in their current job or company. Surprisingly, only 1% found not feeling safe in the workplace due to COVID-19 to be a barrier to career success.

Another 22% of respondents chose the “Other” option, with responses including insufficient job training and not having the level of experience required by employers.

What Does it Mean?

Although COVID-19 was a major threat to career success in 2020, it seems that with the rising vaccination rate, job seekers are now running into a new set of career success barriers.

If you’re looking for more training (so that you can have the right skills for the job), we wrote a blog about that. And if you’re just not sure where to find jobs that match your skillset, or if you’re having trouble finding available work in general, Express Employment Professionals can help.

Express Has Jobs

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