How Would Supervillains Approach the Job Search?

Previously, we looked into how some of your favorite heroes would approach the job search. But now it’s time for the villains to shine. Kidnapping the hero’s love interest and causing mass mayhem are easy. But if some of the dastardliest rule-breakers in fictional history decided to turn over a new, much more legal leaf, what challenges would they encounter in the job search?

The Joker—Wow Them with Your Personality!

The clown prince of crime is known for his unhinged insanity and general lack of a moral compass. In other words, he’s unapologetically himself! He might need to tone down his more manic tendencies for a job interview, but he’d be sure to tell an office-appropriate joke or two to make the interviewer laugh.

Your interviewer doesn’t just want to know you’ll be a great fit for the job—they want to know you’ll be easy to work with, too. Letting your natural personality shine through can be a great way to show them that you’re a person, not just another job applicant.

Loki—Preparation is the Key to Success

Before Loki became an antihero, he was always coming up with schemes. Schemes to get his brother Thor in trouble, schemes to take over the world, schemes to … take over the world, again. His brain was always buzzing with plans to baffle his foes and get what he wanted. When it comes to the job search, he’d be sure to research commonly asked interview questions and companies in his area, as well as create a killer resume.

It’s the preparation that may either secure or cost you a job offer. You want to make sure you’re applying to the right companies, and when you do get an interview, you should know the company inside and out. Looking up commonly asked interview questions and preparing answers is important, as is knowing the history and culture of the company you’re interviewing with.

Poison Ivy—The Perfect Job is a Perfect Cultural Fit

Poison Ivy usually has one very important goal: saving plants from human tyranny. That’s a problem when she’s valuing a rutabaga over an actual human life, but at least she’s fighting for her beliefs, right? During her job search, she’d be sure to find an ecologically-friendly company that aligns with her beliefs. Otherwise, she might be tempted to return to her villainous ways when Linda from accounting accidentally killed her cactus.

When you’re looking for a job, you want something that really matches your own beliefs. It’s important to check out your potential employer’s mission statement to make sure everything lines up. Then you can mention in your interview how your values line up with those of the company.

You don’t need to use laughing gas, cast illusion spells, or control plants to learn lessons from these villains-turned-job-seekers. Now get out there and start your own not-so-criminal career-seeking caper.

Do you have any more ideas on how other supervillains might approach the job search? Let us know in the comments section below!

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