Poll Results: What Do You Think Workplace Dynamics Will Look Like This Year?

As employees return to the workplace this year, workplace dynamics are going to look different. But will this change be good or bad? We wanted to know what our readers thought, so we asked in a poll. Here’s what you had to say!

The Results

Sixty-six percent (66%) of those polled say they think workplace dynamics and interpersonal relationships will be worse than prior to the pandemic, while 22% believe they will be better. Just 12% think there will be no change.


We also asked our readers why they believe workplace dynamics and interpersonal relationships will be better or worse. Opinions varied, with arguments popping up on both sides.

Workplace Relationships Will be Better:

  • “People will be more aware of workplace ethics, hygiene, and be a bit more sociable because of their seclusion last year.”
  • “I am hopeful people are re-thinking what is truly important, and now know that kindness works.”

Workplace Relationships Will be Worse:

  • “Those currently working remotely won’t want to come back. There might be some push-back.”
  • “Because of the labor shortage some folks will have to do the work of two employees, and this will make them angry.”
  • “Things might be better at first, but as time goes on, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s another shutdown.”

In general, it might look like employees are anticipating a bit of a struggle when they return to work. After all, many have been working on their own for the past year, so they might not remember workplace etiquette. However, after a bit of an adjustment period, things should more or less return to normal.

Do you have any other thoughts on workplace dynamics as employees return to the workplace this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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