Four of the Best Remote Jobs

The pandemic changed the way we worked. Many companies transitioned to remote work, and some realized staying remote was a feasible option. Growmotely recently conducted a study and found that 97% of employees surveyed don’t wish to return to a full-time office environment. In order to attract top talent, companies are now offering remote opportunities that didn’t exist previously.

If you’re looking for a remote job, check out these great opportunities.

  1. Travel Agent

Although traditional travel agents are harder to find in the world now because of how easy online options can make it to plan your own trip, many are now working from home. Travel agents can provide a truly custom travel experience, by creating schedules and itineraries for vacations and business trips. Some travel agents work for themselves, while others work for large agencies.

  1. Tutor

If you have specialized knowledge in a subject, you might want to look into becoming a tutor. This can mean helping high schoolers with tough subjects, giving college students a hand with prepping for finals, or even teaching English as a second language to someone in a foreign country. There are numerous online tutoring companies you can partner with.

  1. Translator

Do you speak any languages other than English? With the ever-expanding nature of the world, translators are needed by most top companies. Companies will send you English written or audio materials, and you’ll translate those materials into a language you speak. You can do this work freelance or contract with a business or individual.

  1. Social Media Manager

Gone are the days where social media would be handled by the newest intern. Nowadays, social media is a huge part of a company’s marketing plan, and much of this work can be done from home. Social media managers run the social media accounts of a company, scheduling posts, and interacting with followers.

The world is changing and working fully remote is a real option. If your company won’t allow you to work from home, one of these opportunities might be the dream job for you!

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