Poll Results: Dealing with Work Stress

The past year and a half has been rough. For many of us, the pandemic changed the way we worked. Even if you loved working from home and had family around and dogs to hug, you still experienced a life-changing event. Regardless of your work environment, we all experienced some level stress adjusting to our new routine.

The Results

In fact, we held a poll here on Job Journey asking our readers whether 2020 was more stressful than the previous year, and 27% described their current work stress level as significantly higher than the same time last year. Another 22% said somewhat higher, with just 20% responding with somewhat lower. And only 16% saw no change.

Why Stress It?

We also asked readers about the key factors impacting their current work stress level. The most common challenges were:

  1. Figuring out transportation during a pandemic.
  2. Communicating remotely is a challenge.
  3. Balancing remote work with child care.
  4. I lost my job.

Ways to Reduce Pandemic Work Stress

  1. Keep a Routine

The pandemic changed our lives. In a matter of days, the way we worked and lived changed. That might have included your daily routine. If you find yourself eating more junk food or getting less sleep than you did before the pandemic, take a few moments to set a new schedule more in line with what you had before the pandemic. Much of pandemic stress is due to feeling like we aren’t in control, and setting a routine (and sticking to it) can help reduce the feeling of helplessness.

  1. Talk to Your Co-Workers

Remember those statistics we shared at the top of this post? You’re not alone in your pandemic stress, and your co-workers are likely to be going through the same thing. Talk to your boss or co-workers about the things that are causing you stress, and see if you can work together to find a solution.

  1. Take Social Media Breaks

Social media can be a wonderful tool and is one of the ways everyone has stayed

connected during this pandemic. However, with so many people dealing with pandemic stress, it can also be trigger for your own stress levels. Take breaks from time to time to avoid overwhelming yourself.

How are you dealing with pandemic stress? Let us know in the comments section below!


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