2021: Job Journey in Review

Since 2021 is ending, (we know, we can’t believe it either) we wanted to take a step back and look at your favorite Job Journey blogs this year. We went through a lot together, from resume tips to interview struggles to kooky co-workers. Here are your top three blogs of 2021.

  1. Should You Lie on Your Resume?

Plenty of friends and family will tell you it’s totally fine to lie on your resume. After all, what are the chances a hiring manager will even find out? Pretty high, it turns out. And even if they don’t, it’s bound to come up sooner or later when you’re on the job. Instead of lying, try to fix your resume in other ways, like checking on your formatting or spelling. The reason you’re not getting job offers might not have anything to do with your job history or experience.

  1. Explaining Why You Left a Toxic Job in an Interview

You left your old job for a good reason. Maybe it’s because of nepotism, shady business dealings, gossip in the office, or co-workers spying on you. Whatever the reason, the job was toxic and you had to leave.

Explaining this in an interview can be tough. You need to tell the truth, but not the whole truth, since it doesn’t look great to say something like “my boss talked behind my back about me.” An interviewer could see that as causing drama in the workplace. Instead, keep things professional and focus on how the culture wasn’t right for you and your career.

  1. Unique Questions to Ask After Your Interview

It’s important to ask questions after an interview to shine as a candidate for the position, but what questions should you ask?

You want to ask unique questions to stand out, like “Is there anything else you’d like to ask me” “What does the company culture mean to you?,” “Where do you see yourself in five years?,” and “What type of training and professional development does your company offer to employees?”

Questions like these show that you’re interested in the position for the long term.

Wow, we accomplished a ton here on JJ in 2021! We’re excited to see where we go in 2022.

Did you have any other favorite blogs this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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