Foods to Avoid Outside the Breakroom

Sometimes our favorite food is one that offends the noses of our co-workers. Maybe it’s a fearsome fish or a bowl of hard-boiled eggs. Or perhaps whatever you’re eating, unbeknownst to you, is just loud to consume. You might think you’re nibbling on your pretzels, but to anyone sitting near you it’s the most annoying sound imaginable.

Honestly, if you’ve done any of the above, we can’t really blame you. Sometimes we just don’t know a food is perturbing until someone tells us. So we are, telling you some foods to avoid outside the breakroom.

  1. Fish

This one is probably the most frequent complaint on our list. For whatever reason, microwaved fish leaves a foul smell behind. We’re not scientists, but to put it simply, this happens because of the way the microwave breaks down the fatty acids in the fish. Even if you personally like the smell of microwaved fish, for many people it’s a strong smell they aren’t exactly fond of.

  1. Crunchy Pretzels or Chips

If you can hear the crunch, your co-workers probably can too. This one is kinda tough for us to notice on our own, so the next time you’re eating your favorite snack, ask anybody around if they can hear you chewing. If they can, it’s probably best to stay away from it when you’re at work.

Chips covered in cheese dust can also be tricky. The dust can get on your fingers, and you don’t want to spread orange fingerprints around the workplace.

  1. Popcorn

Everybody likes the smell of popcorn right? Nope. Some people don’t, and popcorn is another strong smell. It’s also super easy to burn, and absolutely nobody likes the smell of burnt popcorn. Best to stay away and save it for a movie night at home.

  1. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Another frequent offender? Hard-boiled eggs. Whether you boil them fresh or put them in the microwave, that egg smell just doesn’t go away. It’s another strong smell that most folks aren’t fond of sniffing when they’re trying to get work done.

  1. Microwaved Veggies

Being healthy is great! But not if it means microwaving vegetables. This creates an offensive odor that easily spreads throughout a workplace.

If you didn’t know to stay away from these foods at work, now you do!

Any other foods you hate to smell at work? Let us know in the comments section below!

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