How Would Disney Villains Approach the Job Search?

Sometimes the job search can feel like you’re looking for your happily ever after, even if you’re stuck editing your resume to get there. We already covered how Disney princesses would tackle the job search, but what about their ever-so-evil villain counterparts? How would Maleficent fair without her magic? Would the Evil Queen land the fairest job in all the land? And what would Ursula do on dry land?

Maleficent: Hard Work Goes a Long Way

Maleficent wasn’t invited to give a gift to the infant princess Aurora and promised to curse her on her 16th birthday. The king and fairies hid the girl so the villainess couldn’t find her. Maleficent, however, wasn’t one to be deterred. She had her henchmen search for 16 long years, and finally was able to curse the girl in the end.

In the modern world, Maleficent wouldn’t be able to curse hiring managers who didn’t hire her, but she would be able to keep putting in the hard work. It’s important to never give up in your job search, even when things look bleak. Set daily goals for yourself to ensure you’re making progress, like “complete five applications a day,” or “research five new companies a week.”

The Evil Queen: Change Your Approach for the Job at Hand

The Evil Queen really wanted to be the fairest in all the land. She tried to get the huntsman to kill Snow White, and when that didn’t work, she transformed herself into an old woman to get the princess to take a bite of a poisoned apple.

If she were looking for a job in the present, she’d know that sometimes getting your happy ending means changing your approach. For example, you can’t use the same resume to apply for jobs in different industries. Your resume should reflect the experience and qualifications necessary for whatever job you’re currently applying for.

Ursula: The Importance of Body Language

Ursula may have been rotten to her core, but she had a point when she told Ariel about the importance of body language. Ariel wouldn’t be able to speak to her prince, but if she played her cards right, he’d be able to know she loved him all the same.

When it comes to interviews, body language matters. Maintaining eye contact is important, as is staying away from fidgeting or moving in your chair.

Any other job search lessons you’ve learned from Disney villains? Let us know in the comments section below!

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