Daily Archives: May 24, 2022

Being a Leader: Quick Tips for Successful Delegation

“If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself” is the mantra of many high-performing leaders, but it’s not the healthiest approach to leadership and often leads to burnout and fatigue. Whether you think it will take longer to explain a task than to just do it yourself, you don’t want to be perceived as passing the buck, or are worried about overloading your team—there are many excuses leaders give to avoid delegation.

But, the rewards of successful delegation often far outweigh the risk. According to research from DDI, some of the biggest positive results include team members who are:

  • 9 times more likely to produce innovative/creative outcomes
  • 2 times more likely to go above their job description
  • 2 times more likely to be considered high performers
  • 9 times more likely to have high performance standards

So, if you’re the type of leader who has a hard time loosening your grip on projects and letting members of your team take the reins, here are a few quick tips for successful delegation. (more…)