Eating Better at Work

Eating healthy at work can be tough. Prepping meals the night before is time-consuming, and it’s much easier to throw a bag of chips and a PB & J together in the morning and call it a day. Not to mention all the unhealthy food available at the office, from donuts and candy to free pizza lunches and eating out with co-workers. If you’re having trouble eating healthy at work, here are a few tips that can help.

  1. Eat Breakfast

And this should be more than a cup of coffee! Eating a balanced breakfast can kickstart your day after fasting all night. You want to be alert and ready to work, and a healthy breakfast can help you do that.

  1. Meal Prep the Night Before

Meal prep can be troublesome, and sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do after a hard day at work. But prepping the night before can help to ensure you have something healthy and tasty for lunch. You can even prep a few snacks as well to keep your energy up throughout the day. Try to include some vegetables for an extra boost!

  1. Drink Water

When we’re busy working, it’s easy to forget to take a drink of water every once in a while. But dehydration can result in lower energy and poor productivity. Drinking water can help you stay hydrated.

But it’s okay to just drink coffee since it’s just hot water and bean juice, right? Nope! Excessive caffeine consumption actually dehydrates your body. So make sure to keep drinking H20 throughout the day!

  1. Keep on Snackin’

Instead of spending all morning obsessing over what’s for lunch (we’ve all been there), consider eating a few healthy snacks throughout the day. If you can, take your snack on the go and walk around the office or parking lot. A little bit of movement goes along way, as does a little bit of snack!

Following these tips can help, but the number one tip for eating healthy at work? Thinking healthy at work! It’s tough to retrain your brain and body away from unhealthy foods and eating habits, but once you get started, the benefits are amazing. If you can maintain healthy habits for a few weeks, it will be much easier to make them a part of your routine.

Do you have any other healthy eating habits? Let us know in the comments section below!

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