Poll Results: How Have Current High Gas Prices Impacted Your Work Commute?

Both businesses and consumers have been impacted by inflation. As gas prices hit record highs this summer, many people are feeling the pinch at the pump.

In June, we asked how you’re dealing with increased gas prices and how they affect your work commute.

Here’s what you had to say:

The Results

Nearly 40% of those polled said they are absorbing the increased gas costs, while 35% have had to cut costs in other areas. Five percent say there hasn’t been a significant change in their commute with the higher costs. Working remotely, carpooling with co-workers, and changing jobs for a shorter commute are some of the other solutions people have chosen to deal with the high gas prices.

What Does it Mean?

It should come as no surprise that in a tight job seeker’s market, many workers have adjusted to deal with ongoing inflation issues. While some workers simply adjusted to the increase, others changed how they work because of rising gas prices.

Have the increased gas prices affected any of your summer plans? What costs have you had to cut as a result of high gas prices?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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