Tackling New Job Nerves

You recently accepted a job offer, and your start date is just around the corner. So why are you experiencing anxiety or uneasiness in a moment that should be exciting? Whether this is your first job or the beginning of a new career path, you can take on your new position confidently. Here are some pointers for overcoming anxiety when starting a new job.

Prepare in Advance

Dress code policy: If your company’s dress code wasn’t addressed after you received your offer, get clarity on it. Make sure your closet matches the job. Nothing is worse than wearing something that is out of policy and being told to go home and change, especially if your job requires special PPE like steel-toed boots.

Test your work commute: Another way to alleviate some of the stress of starting a new job is to test the route to work. If you’ve never seen the building or job site before or the job is in a different city, drive the route at the same time you will be driving it. This can help reduce some anxiety by getting familiar with the commute and how much time you’ll need to get to work on time.

It’s OK to Be a “Newbie”

Take Notes: In the first few weeks, your new employer may spend time getting you onboarded and acclimated to the company culture. During this time, you’ll want to take notes during your training period. You might have an employer who throws you into the thick of things with little training and onboarding. If you find yourself in this situation, reach out to your co-workers for advice and who to contact if you need help on the job. It’s a good idea to write down the names and positions of any co-workers you interact with to understand what they do and how your role will contribute.

Utilize Your Mentor: Understand that your team will not expect you to know everything. Some companies even provide mentors to help you get through the first few weeks and months on the job. Use this opportunity to ask your mentor any questions or concerns you may have.

Stay Positive

After you complete your first week at work, take some time to reward yourself for finishing strong. Enjoy your favorite weekend meal or watch a favorite movie with your favorite people. Doing something you love can help relieve any jitters you may be feeling. Remember, starting a new job is a learning process. Your team is glad to have you on board.

What are some ways you prepare for a new job? What advice would you give someone who’s feeling nervous about a new beginning?

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  1. Brandy

    Be assertive! Look everyone in the eye. Speak in a firm tone.

    Remember that your employer believes in you enough to hire you, so believe in yourself.

    To create a confident posture, do The Puppet Pose. Pretend that your string emerges from the top of your head. Stand (or sit) up straight, chin level, chest out, stomach in and breathe naturally through your nose.

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