Celebrate National Mentoring Day!

National Mentoring Day is held every year on Oct. 27. The holiday celebrates the importance of mentors and the ties they cultivate with their mentee to help them advance in both their personal and professional lives. I’ve had the chance to have my own mentor, and I’m forever grateful for our connection. I want to share three lessons my mentor taught me in the hopes that they’ll help you on your own journey.

Development Can’t Be Rushed

My mentor worked in the hospitality industry for nearly a decade. He made the decision to change careers and work in technology. One thing he taught me about the tech industry is that, while it is a lucrative profession to work in, things are constantly changing, and you must be willing to learn and adapt. Before he could make the leap into technology, he had to spend long nights learning the latest software from tech experts, as well as obtain another degree to get into the role he desired. One of the most important lessons I took away from those discussions was that progress cannot be rushed. If you want to start a new career, a new gym program, or a new relationship, you must be diligent, disciplined, and patient. Rushing into something new without those three essentials is likely to fail or be short-lived.

Demonstrate Your Value

“You aren’t valuable until you do valuable things.” This piece of advice is by far one of the most eye-opening lessons I’ve received from my mentor. During my job search, I found it difficult to showcase my value. In interviews, it was hard for me to articulate how I could be an asset to a company. My mentor taught me the importance of showing and telling. To clearly illustrate the value, I listed key experiences on my resume and created a portfolio of the work I’ve done. This one modification in my interview approach made them less daunting and helped me land future opportunities. Demonstrating our value can help build confidence and effectively seize moments.

Enjoy Life

Because I didn’t grow up learning about money management, I struggled to budget my finances in my early 20s. My mentor helped me create a financial success plan. He instilled in me the value of saving and spending. It’s vital to create a budget and save for a rainy day, but we don’t want all our hard-earned money to go to bills and savings accounts. It’s critical to strike a balance and have some pleasure in your life. After I established the practice of saving, I would take a portion of my paycheck and spend it on anything I wanted on weekends. I went out for coffee, enjoyed delicious Italian food, and reserved a bed and breakfast to get out of the house for some rest and relaxation. Enjoying our lives can improve our well-being and effectiveness in many areas.

If you’re a mentor or mentee, we at Job Journey would like to thank you with a curated selection of resources made just for you.

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Do you have a mentor in your life? How has your mentor helped shape your life?

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