Poll Results: Do You Plan on Looking for Seasonal Work this Year?

Since the holiday season is about to get underway, many businesses are preparing for the final few months of the year by hiring extra workers to help with the anticipated demand. For job seekers, the holiday season is a great time to pick up some extra cash and stay prepared financially for this busy time of year.

In September, we asked our readers if they plan on looking for seasonal work this holiday season. Here’s what they had to say:

With 71%, the top answer to the monthly poll was “Yes, seasonal jobs are a great way to bring additional income during the holidays,” followed by “Maybe, I haven’t decided yet,” with 11%. With another 11% of the votes, readers said, “No, I’d rather find something more permanent,” while 6% of respondents cited, “No, I don’t have any interest in seasonal jobs.”

What Does it Mean?

Job seekers are not shying away from working a seasonal job to bring in some extra cash flow during the holiday season. However, some remain undecided or would like to find a more permanent position.

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What types of seasonal jobs are you interested in working?

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