Career Development Tips for 2023

November is a month to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and express thanks. Right now, could be a good opportunity to consider how you can continue to grow in your career as the year draws to a close and a new one begins.

November is also National Career Development Month, and we want to help you get the most out of your career by reflecting on advice we shared with you in 2022 in hopes these strategies will encourage you and help you succeed.

Returning to Your Former Job

If you left your job, learned new skills, and now want to return to your old company, here are a few things to consider before returning to work as a boomerang employee.

Talking to Your Manager

Talking openly with your manager about your goals can help guide you in the right direction to continue growing in your career. Here are some actions you can take to get the most out of manager feedback before your next meeting.

Interview Tips

If you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and search for a new career opportunity, use these interview basics to help you land the job.

Skilled Trades

Career growth may include changing jobs. Skilled Trades may be the career path for you. Check out the 4 reasons to work in skilled trades to learn more about this field and how Express can help you.

Job Offers

When trying to advance in your career, you may encounter some rejection. We’d like to assist you with the next steps in dealing with a rescinded job offer.


When looking for a new job and before accepting an offer, salary will likely be the first factor considered. Use these three tips to help you decide when and how to discuss pay during an interview.

Demonstrating Value

If you’ve been working hard to advance in your career, you’ll want to be able to demonstrate your value. When talking with recruiters and hiring managers, using metrics to make your resume stand out can be a good execution strategy.


Maybe you’ve had someone in your life who has helped you along your career journey. On Oct. 27 and beyond, you can celebrate national mentoring day to show your mentor how much you value them.

Generational Work

Has your career journey or someone you know just started? Helping first-generation professionals succeed in the workplace can bring a new lens to companies and their challenges.

Professional Online Presence

Maybe your professional image online needs a refresh. We want to help you shine on LinkedIn. Here are five tips for being an all-star professional with the right LinkedIn profile picture.

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