Job Spotlight: Light Industrial Jobs Explained

You may have heard the term “light industrial” used before, but have you ever wondered what jobs are considered a part of this category?

This is a very broad category of jobs in various industries, but generally, they include positions like assemblers, inventory clerks, warehouse workers, cashiers, and material handlers. You may see a slightly different definition on other platforms that use the terms “working class” and “blue collar” interchangeably.

Knowing which jobs fall into this category will help you better understand the type of work you should pursue and what it will take to land the job you want. To learn more about light industrial jobs, check out this video below.


Light industrial jobs are the backbone of our economy and play an important role in the success of both large and small businesses. Because they typically require less experience and education requirements, they can be easier to enter and start a career.

Express often hires:

Shipping/Receiving Clerks

Warehouse Workers

Assembly Crews

Material Handlers

Industrial Machine Builders

Pick and Pack Workers

Custodial/Sanitation Crews

Forklift Operators

If you need help finding a light industrial position, we can help.

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