Poll Results: In 2023, I Anticipate Finding a New Job Will Be?

Is a career change one of your goals to crush in the new year?

In December, we asked what your job expectations would be in 2023. Here’s what those polled had to say:

With 32%, the top answer to the monthly poll was “Finding a new job will be somewhat difficult in 2023,” followed by “Somewhat easy,” with 26%. With another 20% of the votes, readers said, “Difficult,” another 14% said, “The job search will be easy.” Eight percent said, “They don’t plan to search for a job.”

What Does it Mean?

Most workers polled believe that finding a new job this year will be difficult by 2023. However, some are optimistic that the job search will be easy.

You are not alone in your job search. If you need help or encouragement, we at Job Journey would like to assist you with your search by creating a curated selection of resources made just for you.

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