Season 6, Episode 8 Recap: Laddering Up to a New Livelihood

If you’re looking for an inspirational story about accidental entrepreneurship, we’ve got a good podcast to add to your playlist.

The “On the Job” podcast series shares inspiring stories about the pursuit of work. Jobs give us a connection to our community and the ability to provide for ourselves and our families—On the Job presents interesting stories about how people work and what it means to be employed.

To honor Women’s History month, we’re recapping an oldie-but-goodie episode from Season 6.

Jessica Rowland started her own painting business without really knowing it. A champion of the gig economy, her new venture thrived during the pandemic and showed no signs of stopping.

Here are a few more episodes highlighting inspirational women and the career paths they’ve chosen:

Season 3: Episode 6 – Tiny, Yet Fierce

Season 4: Episode 6 – Gimme The Asphalt!

Express teamed with iHeartMedia and Audiation to produce this podcast, available wherever you like to listen to your favorite podcasts, including iTunes and iHeartRadio.

8 episodes will be produced for 2023, with new episodes released starting the first week of May. During season six, each episode has been downloaded an average of 100,000 times!

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