Lucky Tips for Your Job Search

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day  last month, but’ it’s still a great time to brush up on a few magic tricks that may help you land that job. As you go for the job search gold, we’ve rounded up some of our best lucky tips for a successful job search.

Get a Lucky Break By Using Metrics

When trying to catch the attention of a potential employer, your interview presence must stand out. Incorporating numbers or metrics into your resume is one way to strike gold during the interview process. Having the right metrics on your resume can help recruiters and hiring managers better understand what kind of candidate you are and how you will fit their company’s needs.

Take some time to sit down and reflect on what you did in your previous positions. Are you proud of a significant project you worked on? Draw attention to the amount of time spent on the project and the approximate number of people who saw it after it was completed. Remember that your resume should always tell a story.

Don’t View Rescinded Offers as Bad Luck

Sometimes you’ll end up with a job offer on the table, and then suddenly, the offer is withdrawn. Don’t hesitate to contact the hiring manager to inquire about why your job offer was rescinded. If your offer was rescinded, set up a meeting in-person or virtually so that you can get a clear explanation and take notes. Attempt to obtain written evidence as well. Respectfully recognize the withdrawn offer, and refrain from disparaging the company on social media.

Even though it can be frustrating to restart your job hunt, use the lessons you’ve learned to improve as an applicant the next time around and show that you’re resilient. Make sure to indicate on platforms like LinkedIn that you are open and actively looking for work.

Spruce Up Your Work Attire

When applying for jobs, it’s a good idea to know ahead of time what type of dress code your prospective employer or industry expects. Your dress code may be a little more formal if you work in a corporate office. You may be able to dress casually if you work in a casual setting; however, if you work outside, your attire may include safety items. Add some color to your wardrobe if you don’t already have any.

What lucky breaks have you experienced in your job search? Share your story in the comments section below!

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