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Hoo Rah! It’s Boss’s Day

It’s not a federal holiday, but Boss’s Day is celebrated annually in the United States and Canada. A day dedicated to all employers, it’s a time to appreciate bosses and thank them for their work throughout the year. It’s easy to overlook everything supervisors do to keep their employees working, and this day can be used as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship you have with your boss.

How do you celebrate Boss’s Day? Let us know in the comments section below.

Boss’s Day – Showing Appreciation to Your Boss

Boss’s Day is Friday, Oct. 16! This day is dedicated to showing appreciation for managers and those who lead in the workplace. If you’d like to join in the celebration of bosses across the country, check out these easy gift ideas.

  • Card – This inexpensive gift can show a lot of thoughtfulness. Gather your co-workers and have them all sign a card for your boss to show your appreciation.
  • Spa in a jar – Fill a large jar, bucket, or basket, with items to help your boss relax – like a manicure set, fingernail polish, lotion, or candle.
  • Golf basket – If your boss enjoys time on the course, fill a bucket or basket with golf balls, tees, and other accessories.
  • Gift cards – Does your boss enjoy a fresh cup of coffee? Pick up a gift card to a local shop in the amount you’re comfortable gifting. You can ask for an empty cup and use it as your gift card holder. Consider adding a note, like “Thanks a latte for being a great boss!”
  • Homemade treats – Put your baking skills to use by making some of your favorite recipes. Try desserts for an afternoon treat, or muffins or other breakfast items to start the day off right.
  • Desk organizer – There are a variety of functional desk organizers for sale in many stores. If your boss likes to stay organized, this may be the perfect gift for them. You can even make one yourself with a little creativity and the right supplies.
  • Coffee mug – Even if your boss doesn’t drink coffee, chances are they could use a mug for tea, cocoa, or other drinks. Consider your boss’s personality, likes, and dislikes before picking out the perfect mug.

What ideas do you have for Boss’s Day? Share with us in the comments section below!

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Four Easy Ways to Celebrate Your Boss on Boss’ Day

Boss_day2_webThursday, Oct. 16, is Boss’ Day – a whole day to celebrate your manager and all they do, from offering career advice and guidance to providing paychecks and having the power to offer you a promotion.

Much about a job depends on the manager. Originally, this fun day started as a way to say thank you to bosses, but has since gained popularity for being an opportunity to build relationships with managers and co-workers.

As everyone knows, there are some bosses who are wonderful and others who aren’t as great. They often have the ability to make you love your job or send you running for the hills in frustration. In fact, a previous Movin’ On Up poll revealed that 13% of people who left their jobs did so because they weren’t getting along with their supervisor.

Regardless of whether or not you like your boss, positive workplace relationships, especially when it comes to managers, are important for job success and work satisfaction. So, here are four easy ways to celebrate your leader and help give your career a boost. And remember, it doesn’t hurt to do these every day, not just on Boss’ Day!

 1.       Show Up to Work On Time

In your boss’ eyes, time is money. You were hired to perform a task for a certain number of hours of the day, and your manager expects you to fulfill your end of the bargain. It’s understandable you’re going to be late sometimes due to traffic, illness, trying to get the kids out the door, or car problems. But when you show up late repeatedly it communicates that you don’t really like your job and don’t want to be there. Ease your boss’ stress in the morning – be on time!

 2.       Be a Self-Starter

Bosses love to see their employees take the initiative on projects. Are there any ways to make your work better than it already is? If so, do it. Is there a class you want to take to enhance your skills? Ask if you can enroll. Find one thing on boss’ day to do that you weren’t asked to – it won’t go unnoticed.

 3.       Fight the Temptation to Complain

When you have a work problem you want to vent about, choose not to. Instead, use that energy to your advantage and try to find a positive solution on your own. Rather than make a big deal out of it and attract unnecessary attention, show that you can approach the problem calmly and professionally. It’s okay if you can’t solve the issue and need your manager’s help. Just be sure to voice possible solutions you came up with.

 4.       Be Kind

You never know how far a kind word can go. Tell your boss what a great job they did leading a recent meeting or handling a difficult client or customer. It could even be as simple as a “thank you” for what he or she does every day. It’s expected for supervisors to give words of praise when employees do things well, but who is there to offer recognition when leaders do something right? Bosses need encouragement, too.

These four tips are sure to make Boss’ Day 2014 a success. Although they may be simple, they can deliver a mighty impact and could enhance your career.

Have any other advice or words of wisdom for celebrating Boss’ Day? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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What to Do When You Don’t Like Your Boss

boss_dayToday is Boss’ day, and employees everywhere are finding little ways to show their boss how much they appreciate their guidance and leadership.

How it All Started

According to Wikipedia, Boss’ day was started by an employee named Patricia Haroski who happened to work for her father in Deerfield, Illinois. On his birthday, Oct. 16, she wanted to celebrate her dad/boss and let him know how much she appreciated him so in 1958, she registered “National Boss’s Day” with the U.S.Chamber of Commerce and four years later it became an official holiday that is recognized on Oct. 16 every year in the U.S. and Canada.
Patricia’s effort surely made her dad proud, but for some of us Boss’ day can feel a lot like the workplace version of Valentine’s Day. It’s great if you have a manager you love but what do you do if you don’t even like your boss?

Not a Fan of Your Boss? You’re Not Alone

Some of you are thinking “I really don’t like my boss and don’t exactly want to celebrate this day.” You’re not the only one that doesn’t feel like your boss deserves a national holiday dedicated to them. The 2013 State of the American Workplace report from Gallup showed that 70% of survey respondents either hated their jobs or were completely disengaged citing awful bosses as one of their biggest complaints.

The key to getting through Boss’ day or any other workday with a manager you don’t really like is to focus on the positives. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, so look for the strengths in your boss and let them know what you do appreciate about them. You never know, it could actually help change some things around the office. And if you can’t find any, use this opportunity as a chance to learn what not to do in your own career.

If you don’t like your boss, look at today as a chance to build a better relationship. Make an effort to really understand what makes your supervisor or manager tick. What could you be doing differently to help? Today is the day to start. That’s really the best gift you can give today.