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Start Your Workday Right: 7 Silent Tips to Get You Focused

Worday Morning StrongWhether you’re spending your time in an office, on a
construction site, or hitting the pavement looking for work, how you start the
day will set the tone for what you do, and how you handle situations that

That’s why it’s important to take a few minutes
at the start of each day to focus and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.
So, use these seven tips to find focus in the silence of the morning, before
the hubbub of work pulls your attention away.

1. Listen – Turn on your favorite song, or find another
sound you find soothing. Before you begin talking and engaging with the world,
listen to it.

2. Meditate – Before work, chances are your mind is
running over all the tasks, meetings, and projects you need to tackle. It can
be difficult to focus in the morning when your thoughts are all over the place.
So, take a few moments, perhaps on your commute to the office, to pray, think,
or meditate on the things to come. Clear your mind of all the distractions,
worries, and expectations you have, and find a place of calm where you can
settle for a few moments before you get into the activity of the day.

3. Stretch – Taking just a few minutes to stretch before
you start to work is a great way to prepare your body for the day ahead.
Whether you’re active or sitting at a desk, you need a chance to warm up
your muscles and energize your mind. There are many quick and easy stretches
you can do, so take just a few minutes and stretch.

4. Breathe – Simply closing your eyes, relaxing your
neck, shoulders, and face, and taking a few deep breaths is a great way to
clear your mind so you can focus.

5. Smile – It may sound silly, but research shows that
simply smiling can enhance your mood. So smile every morning, and remind
yourself of all the good things the day holds. Smiling in the morning will
energize your face and help you feel happier and keep you smiling you
throughout the day. If you need a little smile inspiration, check out the
Happiness Project, a photo group that’s collecting pictures of a million
unique smiles.


6. Play – Perhaps you have a child or pet you can spend a
few moments of quality time with before you head to work. Or, find a brain
teaser or puzzle you can work on before heading out the door. Get your mind
engaged in a fun activity early in the morning, and wake up your brain.
Don’t wait for your workday to finish before you find time to enjoy life.
Awake your creativity by finding ways to play before you start the daily grind.

7. Plan – Set one goal for yourself daily. A goal you can
reasonably accomplish. Choose the most important contribution you can make at
this moment in time. Of course, you’ll probably accomplish more than that
one thing, but set your focus early by knowing your top priority. This will help
you cut through the clutter and noise of the workday and set you up for
success. Because when you accomplish your day’s goal, you can celebrate
and enjoy the satisfaction of that accomplishment.

Before you start work, be intentional about taking some time
to find your focus. Spend a few minutes engaging your mind and your body so you
can get the most out of the potential in each day. You’ll find yourself
ready to take on the challenge of the day with energy, focus, and purpose.

Do you have a favorite part of your morning routine that
helps you get ready for the workday? Share your ideas and tips in the comments