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Poll Results: What Benefits Could Your Company Add/Modify to Build Stronger Loyalty Among Their Employees?

We’re still living in a job seekers’ market, which means that companies face intense competition for hiring job applicants. One way for them to compete is by offering better benefits. We wanted to know what benefits mattered to you, our readers, so we held a poll. We also asked employers what benefits they were offering in this tight labor market. Let’s see what you had to say! (more…)

Poll Results: During a Job Interview, What Red Flags Would Make You Reject an Employment Offer?

Interviews aren’t just about deciding if the job applicant is the right person for the job; they’re also about the applicant discovering if the job and company is right for them.

For both sides, company and applicant, red flags can pop up to show this might not be a work relationship worth considering. However, the job market is currently competitive, and employers are willing to overlook some qualities they would have seen as red flags in the past. To figure out what these red flags were, we asked both employers and job seekers about job search red flags. Let’s dig into the results. (more…)

Poll Results: What is Your Biggest Barrier to Career Success Right Now?

Although many businesses are returning to the traditional in-person workplace, work looks different than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. There are new barriers to employment.

Recently, we asked our readers what barriers they were facing to career success, from not feeling safe in the workplace due to COVID-19 to not being able to find work. Here’s what they had to say. (more…)

Poll Results: When Working from Home Versus the Workplace, Do You Work More or Less Hours Per Day?

Although some workplaces are starting to return to in-person working conditions, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we worked. According to a December 2020 poll from the Pew Research Center, prior to the pandemic just 20% of those surveyed were working from home. That number jumped to 71% during the pandemic.

But were employees working the same number of hours remotely? In April, we asked our Job Journey readers if they were working more or less hours from home as compared to when they were in the workplace.