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What are Your Job Market Predictions for 2013? Take our Poll!

2013 is herJob Seeking and Career Advice Polle! We’ve avoided a Mayan apocalypse, celebrated the holidays, and started off a new year of possibilities. While many economic experts are predicting a slow but steady growth in the job market, some aren’t sharing the same optimism. New York-based private research group, The Conference Board, released an index indicating employment growth over the next several months will slow down.

What do you think? Do you agree with The Conference Board or do you have bigger, better plans for your career? Let us know in the following poll. If you have your own prediction, share it with everyone in the comments section below.


What Are Your Toughest Interview Questions? Take Our Poll!

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollEarlier this year, business news website Business Insider ranked the 25 most difficult companies to interview with. Some of the better known companies that made the list included Facebook, Amazon, and Google.

Another interesting tidbit about the ranking was that it included percentages and ratings for negative interview experiences and employee satisfaction, so that you can decide for yourself if difficult interview questions lead to productive and satisfied employees.

With some of the biggest companies in the world being known for difficult interview questions, it made us wonder what are some of the most difficult interview questions you’ve been asked? If you have a unique question not on this list, let us know in the comments section below.

Which Classic Monster Would You Hire? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollWith October here once again, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. While in the ghouls and ghosts mood, we wondered if the classic monsters that have often been associated with Halloween would make good job candidates.

Imagine if there was an opening at Terror Inc., and the monsters from classic scary movies interviewed for the position.

Dracula –  A man with strong influence among his peers. He is very people-oriented and can build strong relationships with clients or co-workers. However, Dracula is from a different time, and he’d be too stubborn to change his ways if new problems arose. He can’t even look at himself in the mirror.

Frankenstein’s Monster –  Monster or misunderstood creation, Frankenstein’s experiment is a problem solver. Despite his upbringing, he was able to teach himself to read, write, and speak multiple languages. But, he doesn’t handle pressure well and is known for frequently losing his temper.

Larry Talbot (aka The Wolf Man) – A man of his word, he is known for doing the right thing… Until there is a full moon. While he has great soft skills, he never grows or develops ways to work with his condition.

The Mummy – As a former Egyptian Priest, The Mummy comes with great experience. He has leadership qualifications and is very goal-oriented. When he has a goal, he will do everything in his power to achieve that goal – whether management agrees with him or not.

Who would you hire? If you think there’s a monster who is more qualified, let us know in the comments below.

Is Your Boss a Creativity Killer? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollA recent CareerBuilder study found that only 41% of employees believe their managers inspire creativity at the workplace while 64% of leaders believed they do.

Engaging with company leaders is important to your professional development. It provides an environment that allows you to express your creativity, giving you the ability to handle bigger and better projects. We want to know if your creativity is encouraged or stifled at work. Let us know in the survey, and share any stories about workplace creativity in the comments section below.

What’s the Hardest Part of Job Searching? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollFinding a job has its challenges. Recent college graduates have had a few months to experience what it’s like to look for a job, and those experiencing long-term unemployment know all too well how hard the job search can be.

With a rough economy impacting job seekers, especially teenagers and younger generations, we want to know what you find most difficult about the job search. If you have a challenge that isn’t listed in the poll, leave a comment below.


Would You Relocate? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollEarlier this year, a CareerRelocate.com study showed that out of the more than 7,000 workers polled, 44% said they would be willing to relocate for the right job opportunity in 2012.

Of the workers who relocated in 2011, 77% reported they were happy with the move and didn’t regret their decision. Interestingly, of those workers who relocated, 41% said their family didn’t relocate with them and they have to travel to see them. With summer in full swing and several co-workers taking vacations, we were wondering if you would travel for a different reason. We want to know if you’d be willing to move away for a new job this year.

Does Social Media Harm Your Job Search? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollLast month, CareerBuilder released a survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals about researching potential job candidates through their social media profiles. The study reported that of hiring managers surveyed who research candidates via social media, 34% found information that has caused them not to hire a candidate.
The top reasons they found for not hiring the candidates were provocative/inappropriate photos/info – 49%, evidence of candidates drinking or using drugs – 45%, and candidates bad mouthing previous employers – 33%.

While we recently talked about social media behavior, the study made us wonder about your behaviors in social media while job searching. Let us know in the poll below.