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2-4-6-8 Here’s How to Motivate!

Motivate Yourself at WorkAt some point in our career, we’ve fallen into that rut. That mysterious slump that can drag our productivity down to a near halt. Our brains check out and we do the minimum amount of work needed to avoid getting in trouble. Some workers hitting a slump might not get that bad, but the temptation and desire to slack off can slowly grow into a career problem sooner than you think.

Sometimes seeing the fruits of your labor takes longer than expected. Success takes time, which is often longer than you’d like. Because success doesn’t happen on your time, it can be easy to get discouraged, making it harder to achieve the success you deserve.

The key to motivation is to find small achievable goals that will help keep you consistently on track. You will have to look deep inside yourself and discover what you want to accomplish at work and how you are going to do it. Here are some things to ask yourself that will help jumpstart your motivation and get your workplace mojo back.

What Are You Doing?
The most important thing you can do to get motivated is to define your purpose, and figure out why you are working. While some workers look for jobs that are fulfilling or enjoyable, others are just trying to find something that pays well or just enough to feed their family. There isn’t a purpose that is better than the other, it’s a matter of finding the one that works for you. Once you find your driving factor, the prospect of accomplishing that purpose helps set up your career goals and keeps you motivated.

What Does That Have to do With Your Employer?
Now that you’ve found your workplace purpose, take a moment to think about what your employer sells, makes, or provides. Take what the company does to sell or serve its product and figure out how you can use that purpose to fit within your role. The more closely you associate your goals with your company’s goals and services, the better you’ll be able to motivate yourself to do what’s necessary to get your job done.

If you are unsure about your employer’s goals and motivations, ask your manager to set up some time to discuss the company. If possible, include an upper-level director who can give a different perspective. You can get some direction and a possible boost of motivation when talking to upper management.

What Does That Have to do With Your Team?
Odds are, you work with other people. They rely on you every day to get the job done. Your team has specific goals and purposes that fit into your employer’s goals. If your team hasn’t already defined their goals, ask to layout your team’s key objectives and goals that will drive sales, increase awareness, or whatever purpose your employer has. Hearing from your co-workers about what needs to be done and why it’s so important can be the extra kick you need to find motivation.

Another way to find motivation beyond focusing on goals is to ask for extra tasks or minor projects to be completed. Taking a break from your daily tasks can give your brain and body a chance to recharge while still being productive.

What Are You Going to do to be More Ambitious?
You’re bored with the normal, right? That’s why you’re in this slump. That’s why you need to break away from the safe and secure. Find out what you can do to contribute to your team’s objectives and be daring. Don’t choose anything that is too risky, but give yourself a challenge that is exciting and inspires you.

Motivation starts from within. Once you find your inner drive, you can work to overcome the challenges that you could face. What are some ways you’ve found motivation at work? Let us know in the comment section below.