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Associate Spotlight: Ashlee Washington

ashlee_washington2Movin’ On Up takes pride in recognizing outstanding Express Employment Professionals associates who’ve been acknowledged by one of our Express offices. Every associate we put to work has a story to tell, and we want to celebrate the accomplishments of the individuals who come to work for us.

This month’s associate spotlight recognizes an associate who is a great example of the spirit of Express – Ashlee Washington from the Royal Oak, MI Express office.

A Serious Student
Ashlee is currently a junior at the University of Detroit Mercy where she’s studying bio-chemistry in order to pursue her dream of becoming an orthopedic surgeon. Despite juggling an already heavy class schedule, Ashlee still takes on regular assignments with her local Express office in Royal Oak.

The Royal Oak office often calls on Ashlee to fill a position for a client, and, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her school work, she is always up for the challenge. “Ashlee is truly our go-to worker,” Steven Davis, owner of the Royal Oak Express office, said. “She is articulate, well-spoken, and adapts quickly to new environments.”

A Hard Worker
No matter the assignment, whether it’s filling in for a receptionist, working a marketing event, or passing out promotional material, Ashlee always wows Express clients by being on time, dressed to impress, and having a can-do attitude. “Every client Ashlee has worked for has provided wonderfully positive feedback, often noting how quickly she caught on and how professionally she carries herself,” Steven said.

In a recent assignment, Ashlee filled in as the receptionist at a local business while an employee was on vacation. When Ashlee’s assignment ended, the owner of the company sent a note to Express commending Ashlee’s performance. “Ashlee is the type of person I want to work for me,” the owner said. “If she weren’t in school, she’d have a job offer today!”

A Caring Volunteer
Despite her busy school schedule and temporary assignments, Ashlee still finds time to give back to her community. She currently volunteers for GM’s Student Corps, a select group of 11 interns from the University of Detroit Mercy. The group works to mentor students in the area and organize community service projects. Ashlee has also volunteered to do beautification work on the property of the Cody School in Detroit, and she has worked with Detroit Children’s Hospital.

Ashlee’s impeccable customer service, giving heart, and contagious smile make her a great example of the Express spirit. We’re thankful to have her as an Express associate and wish her luck with her studies, the Medical College Admission Test she’ll be taking this fall, and in her future career.

If you’re an Express associate or know an associate who would be a great candidate for our associate spotlight, let your Express office know. And if you work with an Express associate you’d like to feature on Movin’ On Up, let us know in the comments below.

Movin’ On Up is brought to you by Express Employment Professionals.

Associate Spotlight: Lonnie Cain

Associate SportlightExpress Employment Professionals is often placed in the business of building hope. When news and world events seem to spread sad and gloomy stories, it’s refreshing to read something positive. There are a lot of inspiring stories going on within Express, and we’d like to share.

We are always looking to showcase exceptional associates on Movin’ On Up. It’s important to give credit where credit is due, and Express loves to share the stories of our associates as an inspiration to you while you strive to achieve professional success.

What makes this associate so special isn’t what he did for himself or how he overcame obstacles. Rather, it’s what he brings with him and shares with co-workers that makes him unique. Our spotlighted associate, Lonnie Cain, has an amazing ability to spread cheer and happiness to not only his Express office, but also to the companies to which he is assigned.

Lonnie Cain

After years of working as a route manager, Lonnie Cain retired from Aramark. Even though he was retired, Lonnie still wanted a flexible job that allowed him time to travel. One day, he noticed a classified ad for a medical supply driver posted by the Express office in Springfield, IL. After applying and interviewing, he was quickly hired for the job and became an example of the Express values to everyone at work.

Lonnie has proven to be dependable and skilled in his job as a driver for several doctors in the Springfield community. Since 2006, Lonnie has worked more than 7,500 hours and has only called in unavailable once. His sheer commitment and contagious smile have made Lonnie an outstanding worker and a valuable associate to Express.

“He represents Express with a professional and cheerful attitude,” said Julie Hamilton, Staffing Consultant for the Springfield Express office. “He’s the most requested driver by the physicians.”

As a medical driver, Lonnie transports medical files to different hospitals. He relates well with the doctors and medical staff at the hospitals. The Springfield office continuously receives high praise for Lonnie. The secretary of a client, Dr. Raghu Kolluri, called Express just to say, “Lonnie is a great driver, very personable and reliable.”

If you’re looking for the same success that Lonnie is experiencing, find the the Express office closest to you for more information and help with your job search. Express is always looking for associates who would be a great candidate for our associate spotlight. If you have an Express associate you’d like to feature on Movin’ On Up, let us know in the comments below.

Associate Spotlight: James Price

Associate spotlight james price jobsEvery month, Movin’ On Up likes to tell the story of outstanding Express Employment Professionals’ associates and the success they have found in their life. There are countless stories to from the 335,000 workers Express employes in the United States, Canada, and South Africa.

This month’s associate spotlight tells the story of an associate who wasn’t placed in any outside business or organization, but was hired for his talents and skills at the Express International headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK.  This associate’s professionalism and willingness to work helped the Marketing and Communications department tackle large projects when it was understaffed.

James Price
A Houston native, James Price attended Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK majoring in journalism and broadcasting. All was well until he faced graduating during he Great Recession in 2008. Entry-level jobs in his industry were scarce, and James needed help finding work in a sluggish economy. Eventually, James heard about Express after receiving a referral from a friend. Once he applied, he was contacted by the downtown Oklahoma City office about an opportunity writing for the Express headquarters.

James was assigned to a longer-term placement at the Express International Headquarters when one of the members of the Marketing and Communications department went on maternity leave. The department faced some large projects due in a short amount of time, and James helped write promotional material, blogs, and newsletters to help finish the projects on time. He is still working on projects for the headquarters and greatly enjoys it. His flexible schedule helps him develop skills, but also allows him to continue following his other passion, music. When not working for Express, James enjoys writing and recording music for his band and serves as music director for First Baptist Church of Stillwater.

“Working with Express has been a growing experience. I have been able to develop several different skills which I never had the opportunity to use before. Looking toward the future, Express has helped me build my portfolio to become a more desirable employee. For those of us who are entering the workforce with little to no professional experience, Express is a great opportunity and will be a stepping stone to greater things,” James said.

We love hearing stories about the determination and quality work Express associates demonstrate every day.  James is just one example of thousands of Express associates who achieve success through their strong talent and resolve. If you’re searching for a job, consider working with a staffing agency like Express. More and more employers are relying heavily on staffing companies to fill open positions before hiring them on as full-time employees.

If you’re an Express associate and know a fellow associate who would be a great candidate for our associate spotlight, let your Express office know. If you have an Express associate you’d like to feature on Movin’ On Up, let us know in the comments below.

Associate Spotlight: Jimmy Maher

When most people think of staffing agencies, they think of strictly temporary work. The truth is many people have found life-long careers thanks to companies like Express. More and more workers are enjoying the flexibility in their schedule from working with staffing agencies. Employers are also relying more on staffing agencies to fill their open positions before hiring full-time for openings.

Our most recent associate spotlight showcases one of those individuals who finds pride in working with Express as a career for many years. Associates like the ones we showcase are a testament to how work ethic and positive attitude can go a long way in your profession, even in the roughest of economic conditions.

Jimmy Maher

Jimmy Maher started working for the Greensboro, NC Express office in 1992 as a lawn and building maintenance technician.  During his time with Express, Jimmy worked with five different clients.  Throughout Jimmy’s nearly 20-year career with Express, he worked for a single client for 14 years.  In that time, Jimmy’s commitment and enthusiasm were apparent because he didn’t own a car and had to take the bus to work from one side of town to the other. 

Over the years, Jimmy was given many raises due to his integrity and dependability.  When he celebrated his ten year anniversary with Express, he was given a cash bonus for his loyalty to Express, its clients, and his job. 

“Jimmy is a man who believes in hard work, doing the right thing, and being responsible.  He was a shining example to others on the job,” said Hope Daniel, Front Office Coordinator of the Greensboro Express office.   

When Jimmy decided to retire, the client did not want him to leave. They knew they would be losing a cherished employee.  The client wanted him so badly, Jimmy decided to extend his retirement date three times and keep working to aid the client.  He is now happily retired and settling down after a fulfilled career. 

We are very grateful for having Jimmy as a part of the Express family for so many years.  The Greensboro office will miss him, and everyone at Express wishes him the very best in his retirement and future achievements.

When looking for a job, don’t discount what staffing agencies like Express can provide. You may find a long, fulfilling career like Jimmy did through the experience and opportunities that can come from working with Express. If you’re interested, check it out.

Associate Spotlight: Erin Wharton

Erin-Wharton-EOM-120x136When looking for a job, it’s easy to overlook the benefits of working for a staffing agency. In fact, companies like Express Employment Professionals can help change lives in the midst of economic uncertainty and provide job opportunities for some of the most hardworking individuals around.

Express takes pride in the accomplishments of those individuals who come to us for work. Without the skills and talents of our associates who provide what companies are looking for, Express wouldn’t be what it is today.

To help recognize outstanding associates and their dedication to Express and the companies they work for, we would like to showcase select associates each month on Movin’ On Up. It’s important to give credit where credit is due, and Express would like to share stories of our associates as an inspiration to you while you strive to achieve professional success.

Erin Wharton 

Erin found her current job through the South Indianapolis office in Greenwood, Ind. She came to Express after a rough job search. She spent 14 years with a previous employer in a less-than-constructive work environment. She left in hopes of finding a better place to work, but ended up facing a fiercely competitive job market, sending countless résumés and submitting numerous job applications for weeks with no response.

Fearing the worst, she noticed a job posting for an administrative position through Express. She had no previous experience dealing with staffing companies like Express and was a little cautious about calling to apply, but ended up emailing her résumé and application anyway. Within a couple of days, she was called by Michelle Bright from the Greenwood office for an interview.

“During the phone call, Michelle made me feel comfortable, confident, and helped ease what little fear I had.” Erin said.

When Erin came to the Express office for an interview, her anxiety returned until she met someone in the waiting room who had been working for Express for a few years. The woman told Erin that Express was “great to work with,” and “you’re working with the best.” When Erin sat down for the interview with Express, she was almost immediately told that there was a perfect position for her. After interviewing with McAllister Power on a Friday morning, she was offered a job to start the next Monday.

“Working with Express was by far the best choice I have made. I have even referred people to them. You don’t know how good it feels to be happy, enjoy getting up in the morning and coming to work. I look forward to the next day and what it is going to bring. Every day is something new. The employees here at MacAllister are absolutely wonderful,” Erin said.

We’re excited to have Erin as a part of our Express family. If you haven’t already considered looking into working with a staffing agency like Express, give it a try. You could find the same success that Erin did.

“I owe my happiness and my life to Michelle for matching me with the perfect company. I give everyone at Express my sincere gratitude!”