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Touchdown with a Bad Boss Contest Finalists – Let the Voting Begin!

Tackle-boss-1 We've heard a lot of stories about some bad bosses, and now it's time to choose a winner for the Touchdown with a Bad Boss contest. Who will it be? Voting begins today and closes on Friday, Sept. 10, at 2 p.m. CDT.

Review the top 12 finalists and get your vote in today for your favorite. The winner will receive a football victory package, which includes: a 40-inch LCD TV, a $100 Visa gift card, and a tailgate party gift basket. Good luck to all our finalists and thanks to all who participated!

Voting rules: Limit one vote entry per person per 24-hour period. Multiple votes from the same IP address within a 24-hour period will be considered "voting fraud" and all duplicate vote entries will be disqualified. For more information, see the complete contest rules.

After the Interview’s Over: Advice Most People Ignore and Why It Hurts Them

EntryLevelLifeButton_E So all the hard work you put into creating your résumé, building your references list, and networking with individuals in your field of interest paid off for you. You landed a job interview, and you feel like it went really well. So, what’s the next step? Following up. You haven’t received a job offer yet, so you still need to stand out in the interviewer’s mind and let them know you want the job.

Following up after an interview is a major part of the job search process that a lot of people know but choose to ignore. When you don’t show interest in finding out how your interview went, the employer could take that as a sign you’re not really concerned about working for their company. Instead of spending your time worrying and waiting after your interview, follow this advice to help advance your way to a second interview, or even better, to getting a job offer.

Ask about the decision making process. At the end of your interview, ask the interviewer what their timeline and process is for making a decision. The goal is for you to find out when you should expect to know their decision or next step. This way, you’re not just sitting around wondering about when they’re going to call.

Send a thank-you letter. This is common courtesy and an important gadget in your job search toolkit. Within 24 hours of your interview, be sure to send a thank-you letter to the interviewer. Sending a letter this soon after your interview will keep your meeting fresh in the employer’s mind and you can easily personalize the letter with key points you discussed. Thank them for taking time out of their day to meet with you. Also, use this as an opportunity to reiterate your interest in the job opportunity, your excitement for it, and what value you can bring to their business. Let them know you look forward to hearing from them, and be sure to include your contact information. And, FYI, if you make it to a second interview, send another thank-you letter after that meeting.

For more tips on writing a follow-up thank you note, click here.

Call the interviewer. After you submit your thank-you letter, sit back and wait. Be respectful of the interviewer’s time. Yes, you can be the squeaky wheel who calls the interviewer every day, but constantly contacting them to check the status of the job could end up causing you to lose points in their eyes, and even worse, miss out on a great job.

If you haven’t heard from the employer by the follow-up date they gave you at the end of your interview, contact them about the status of the job. Let them know you’re still interested in the position and ask them if there’s anything else you need to do or any other information you need to supply to help with their decision about you. 

Ask for feedback. If by chance you didn't get selected for the job, be sure to politely ask the interviewer for feedback on why you didn’t get the position. Also, ask if they can provide you with some tips on things you could improve on. This will help you better yourself for the next interview that comes your way.

Thank them … again. Regardless of the outcome of the interview, take a moment to say a final thanks to your interviewer for their time. Let them know it was a pleasure to meet them, and ask them if they have an account on LinkedIn or Twitter so you can stay in touch and continue to build a professional networking relationship.  

These are a few simple steps to help you make the most of following up after an interview. But, always make sure to contact your interviewer after you’ve met. In today’s job market, it’s important to stand out from the competition in a positive way, and following these tips will help you do that. Taking this initiative to go the extra mile in pursuing a job speaks volumes about your character to an employer, giving you a great advantage over those who don’t follow up.

How to Follow Up after an Interview with a Staffing Company

Staffing companies receive hundreds of applications and résumés each day from individuals looking for work. With so many job seekers vying for a staffing agency’s attention, it’s important you do what you can to assist staffing consultants in your job search. To increase your chances of landing a job, try these tips after interviewing with a staffing company to help you stay top of mind.

Call. First and foremost, staffing companies are there to help you find a job. Don’t be afraid to call after your interview to find out if there are any jobs available. Also, check with your staffing consultant to find out if they prefer a weekly or daily call for job inquiries.

Check. Depending on the staffing agency you choose, there may be certain guidelines to follow when inquiring about job openings. For example, some staffing companies may have a separate phone number for job opportunities, while others may post openings online. Check with your staffing consultant to ensure you know the process.

Update. If you have any changes to your personal information, résumé, job specifications, or qualifications, let your staffing consultant know so they can update your file. These changes could increase your chances of landing a job and help the staffing company market you to their clients.

Although finding you a job is their top priority, they can’t do it without your help. Stay in contact with your staffing agency by following these tips, and help the staffing company help land you the job you want.

3 Tips for Interviewing with a Staffing Company

When you interview with a prospective employer, you’re taught to put your best foot forward and present your best side. But what about when you go to a staffing company for help finding a job? Are you supposed to treat it like a real interview?

Interviewing with a staffing company is just like interviewing with any other potential employer. You must be prepared, professional, and informative.

Be Prepared. Before you go to an interview at a staffing agency, make sure your résumé and references are in order. If you’re looking for a job in a particular industry, make sure your résumé reflects that. Also, confirm that your contact information for your references, including phone numbers, job titles, and companies, are correct so your interviewer can quickly check references with your previous employers. You will make it easier for the staffing consultant to find you a job if you’re prepared for the interview with up-to-date and accurate information. 

Be Professional. Even though you aren’t interviewing to work at the staffing company, you still want to act and dress appropriately. Staffing consultants make their recommendations to hiring companies based on your résumé, demeanor, and experience. So, make sure to wear your best interview attire and act professional.

Be Informative. The one slight difference between interviewing with a staffing agency and interviewing with a potential employer is the kind of information you tell the interviewer. During an interview at a staffing agency, it is OK to talk about the kinds of jobs you are and are not interested in and what types of employers you might like to work for. You can speak a little more freely in a staffing interview, but remember, you still need to be professional. Too much information about your personal business, past employers, or mistakes in the past can be a bad thing and could even decrease your chances of finding a satisfying career.

Interviewing at a staffing company can be a great way to find a job, but you have to treat it like any other job opportunity. Being prepared, professional, and informative is essential in getting the most out of your staffing company interview experience. 

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Local Express Offices Help People Find Jobs

Express Employment Professionals is busy helping people find jobs. Although the national unemployment rate has reached 9.7%, companies are beginning to look for employees through staffing agencies. Check out this great video from the local NBC affiliate in Wisconsin to see how the Express Employment Professionals Janesville office is leading the charge in helping people find work. If you’re looking for a job, check out the Express office in your area to find an employment opportunity that fits your needs and schedule.