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Whitepaper: Don’t Fall Off The Tightrope of Work/Life Balance

Increase your Work/Life BalanceOverworked? Finding time for family and personal activities while meeting the increasing demands of your job can feel like walking a tightrope in the circus we call life.

Check out this informational whitepaper to learn about the risks of burnout and stress, and how you can schedule time to focus on your personal interests without sacrificing your career goals.

Walking Along the Tightrope of Work/Life Balance

With today’s workplace constantly changing and workload quickly growing, finding the right balance between job duties and free time is more important than ever. That balance can not only bring peace between your two responsibilities, but also provide you with peace of mind.

Infographic: How Does an Applicant Tracking System Read Your Resume?

Last month, the PDF vs Word Resume whitepaper gave you the ins and outs of how different electronic resume formats affect applicant tracking systems (ATS) and your job search. But, how exactly does an ATS read your resume?

Check out this infographic from the resume building software site Résunate that takes you through the process of how an ATS takes a resume, breaks it down, and files the information into a relevancy score.

What do you think about these programs and how applications are being handled? Sound off in the comments section below.
Applicat Tracking System

Whitepaper: This is Your Resume Format Fight Night

PDF vs Word ResumesLadies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event! Since the dawn of electronic resumes, two formats have stood the test of time – Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF. These two file types have been debated among job seekers for several years, and each side won’t back down. This hot debate is a passionate royal rumble.

Almost all job seekers email their resumes instead of printing them. With so many filling up hiring managers’ inboxes, employers are developing ways to filter these resumes. Which format do you use to get through the noise and grab an employer’s attention?

Check out this informational whitepaper about two popular resume formats to find out which one will get caught in the clutter and which one can help you get hired.

Download “The Heavyweight Debate: PDF vs. Word Resumes”