Driving Under the Influence – Wrap Your Vehicle for Free Gas

With gas prices continuing to increase, consumers are really starting to feel the strain in their wallets. To help release the stress of the rising prices at the pump, some companies have started to offer incentives to their employees. One extreme incentive some companies are using to offset the high cost of fuel is offering to pay employees a monthly stipend plus free gas to allow the employer to wrap employee vehicles with the company’s advertisement.

What incentives would you like to see your company offer to help with the current gas crunch? We want to hear from you. Please post your comments in the section below.


  1. Tiffany | Express Job Blogger

    I read an article in Time today that said some companies are even turning to the 4-day work week to save energy costs for operations and help cut commuting costs for employees. Some are just letting people telecommute a day or so, if it’s the type of job that you can do that in.
    I’d be cool if we just got some sort of bonus for car-pooling, like being put into a drawing for gas cards or something like that, to make car-pooling more worth the hassle. 🙂

  2. Sherrillyn Thompson

    I would be delighted to use my car for decent, legal advertising, but I would be even more happy to have a job that I could do to work from home. I have aging parents and need to be home most days of the week in case I am needed to help them or take them to doctor visits, etc. I am sure there are many people who have this kind of need. A get rich quick job on the internet is not for me as I don’t have money to buy the products that don’t really work. If a person has lost their job or need to start working after a long period of not working, they do not have the cash to spend and gasoline is so high now, that working from home would be the best of both worlds.

  3. Terese

    I worked for a company in Phoenix that gave incentives to people who rode the bus or car pooled. As I only lived a mile and a half from work, I didn’t qualify, but I thought that was a great idea! If I remember correctly, for every day you used an alternative method of getting to work, you could either have a chance for a drawing for some great prize (it changed monthly), or you could earn 10 minutes of paid time, which allowed you to leave a little early or you could save up your time.

  4. Shirley

    I agree with all of the suggestions above, and I too, would consider using my car to advertise. I am out and about almost everyday, so the ad would get good exposure.

  5. Richard Miller

    this is all fantasy, the real world does not offer this kind of benefits. Where I live there is no in house child care, or stipends for fuel. We have a bus system but it is fledgling at best. The thing that gets me it’s not the low end income people who get these bennies, its the people who can afford the gas or daycare who are eligeble. All as a PR for some Corp HQ.

  6. Peter

    Did anyone think how this would affect their auto insurance rates?
    You would now get rated differently and your rates would most likely go up.
    So you would be stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

  7. Bill Gilbert

    I would advertise with signage on my car, if it were reasonable, and factualy represented the product. I will not advertise a product I do not beleive in. some co.s should be banned from advertising, but then there are a lot of realy good co.s that I would be happy to Advertise and evan recomend.

  8. Mary

    Ride pooling for state and federal workers, and for that matter, large private employers, could be rewarded with finanacial incentives, comp time, and a 35 hour work week.
    Studies have shown that if you require the same amount and standard of work and pay people the same amount of money, most people can get their work done in a 32 hour week. It is just a matter of incentive, and cutting out having to catch up on personal busuness at work. It is also accomplished by the worker taking fewer breaks and spending time chatting with other employees or making phone calls on company time.

  9. Matt Bansberg

    Yeah you better wrap your vehicle. It’s a great design and it’s a way of having a great advertising platform.

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