7 Ways to Set Goals for Your Job Search

12-11 Goals2As the year comes to a close and New Year’s Day approaches, resolutions and goal-setting start to become a priority. For those searching for a job, goal-setting can be an empowering and valuable tool in finding a new career. After all, numerous studies prove that setting achievable and measurable goals leads to success.

Setting distinct goals allows you to identify what you want, how you can accomplish what you want, and what it takes to get there. Incorporating goal-setting into your job search process has a lot of benefits, so check out these tips below:

Be clear on what kind of job you want.

If you can describe the specific kind of job you want, then you know exactly what kind of job openings to pursue. If you apply for every job you see, you may get bogged down and frustrated. By creating a list of target companies and positions, you save time by not applying for the jobs that aren’t the right for you.

Make a list of long term goals, short term goals, and immediate goals.

Take time to consider what you want in the next five to 10 years. After that, set up goals for the next month that will help you reach your long term goals. Lastly, figure out what you need now to reach your monthly goals and how you can meet those needs. Think of it as a business plan for your career.

Customize resumes and cover letters.

Set a goal to target your resume and cover letter in a way that shows off your relevant skills, but also targets each specific job for which you’re applying. Learn to identify key words in job postings and include those words to help you stand out to recruiters.

Use your goals to schedule your daily activities.

Having a plan for each day as a job seeker helps you stay on track and feel productive. For instance, you may schedule online job searching on Monday, applications on Tuesday, interview practice and networking on Wednesday, etc. Having a plan in place helps keep you focused on your goals.

Each week, create at least three goals for your job search.

Focus on actions that help you with your job search. Some activities could include attending at least one networking event, reaching out to a recruiter on LinkedIn, or applying for two positions a day in the field you want.

Keep your mind busy.

Your goals could also include ways to better educate yourself on job searching or the job you want. Read articles or updates, find new information about the positions you want, read job interview tips, and keep your mind busy on the business of finding a career.

Use technology to help your goal setting.

Today’s world offers software and apps to help you with goal setting and tracking your success. If you need a little guidance on setting up goals and tracking them, consider apps like Smart Goals, Any.Do, or Evernote. These apps help you identify what you want to accomplish and help you get there.

When it comes to your career and job search, goal setting will allow you to stay focused on what comes next. Defining your career goals will help you take powerful steps toward creating a satisfying and rewarding work life.

Do you set goals? Share your goal-setting process with us in the comments section below.

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