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Which Classic Monster Would You Hire? Take Our Poll

Job Seeking and Career Advice PollWith October here once again, it’s time to get into the Halloween spirit. While in the ghouls and ghosts mood, we wondered if the classic monsters that have often been associated with Halloween would make good job candidates.

Imagine if there was an opening at Terror Inc., and the monsters from classic scary movies interviewed for the position.

Dracula –  A man with strong influence among his peers. He is very people-oriented and can build strong relationships with clients or co-workers. However, Dracula is from a different time, and he’d be too stubborn to change his ways if new problems arose. He can’t even look at himself in the mirror.

Frankenstein’s Monster –  Monster or misunderstood creation, Frankenstein’s experiment is a problem solver. Despite his upbringing, he was able to teach himself to read, write, and speak multiple languages. But, he doesn’t handle pressure well and is known for frequently losing his temper.

Larry Talbot (aka The Wolf Man) – A man of his word, he is known for doing the right thing… Until there is a full moon. While he has great soft skills, he never grows or develops ways to work with his condition.

The Mummy – As a former Egyptian Priest, The Mummy comes with great experience. He has leadership qualifications and is very goal-oriented. When he has a goal, he will do everything in his power to achieve that goal – whether management agrees with him or not.

Who would you hire? If you think there’s a monster who is more qualified, let us know in the comments below.