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Job Spotlight: Customer Service Representative

Serve up a new career with a customer service position!

Our Job Spotlight monthly blog series is designed to help you answer that question. In this series, we review all the basics of specific jobs, from salary and duties to why people do the jobs they do.

Customer Service Representative

In this month’s Job Spotlight, we’re customizing a blog with customer service information just for you. Most companies need a customer service department, so job security is high. Responsibilities include regularly interacting with customers and clients, receiving inbound and outbound calls, and potentially working with custom company software.


The Results Are In: How Does Your Company Ensure Great Customer Service?

poll_customer_service_webEmployees are often seen as the face and voice of a business. Because a company’s success may depend on the image it portrays to customers, we asked how the company you work for ensures that you and your co-workers maintain a great level of customer service.

The Results
Our poll revealed that the number one way companies ensure great customer service is by providing training and onboarding for new hires. Twenty-three percent of respondents selected this option, which specifies that training is thorough enough to explain the expectations of the company.

Another 18% reported that “employee development programs and education” are how their company ensures great customer service, followed by 17% who said “there are programs in place that award employees who provide extraordinary service.”

A combined 29% of readers selected two options that reveal “nothing extra is done” to maintain great customer service, which breaks down into the following reasons:

  • 17% said “we have a poor customer service environment”
  • 12% said “employees already provide great customer service”

Monetary incentives for excellent service aren’t as popular with companies, according to our poll. Only 7% of readers selected “bonuses” as a means for ensuring great customer service.

Lastly, 7% of readers chose the “other” option and left responses that included:

  • Excellent benefits
  • PTO to keep employees satisfied and refreshed
  • Communication
  • Daily meetings
  • Customer service depends on the employees you work with

Did we miss anything? How does your company ensure great customer service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Is the Customer Really Always Right?

customer_always_right_webWe’ve all heard the saying “the customer is always right.” This saying implies that no matter what, the customer is right in every situation and businesses should always attend to their needs.

But, is this wisdom really wise? We’ll let you in on a little secret that many businesses are afraid to share: the customer is not always right. Some customers, in fact, just need a little guidance to show them the error of their ways.

That being said, it’s important to note that while the customer isn’t always right, they are never wrong either. Confusing? We’ll explain.

The difference between great customer service and poor customer service is the skill to successfully negotiate any gap between what the company offers and a client’s expectations. If you can clearly outline what your company does or produces, then the risk of disappointment declines.

Here are a few steps to help you come to a resolution when a customer feels he or she is right.

Listen attentively – Sympathetic listening may be difficult if you’re faced with an irate customer, but becoming defensive will only make the situation worse. After you’ve heard what the customer has to say, ask appropriate questions about what they expected.

Based on those questions, you can decide if your company was at fault. By understanding the person’s position and reasons for anger, you’ll gain a great starting point to take the appropriate steps.

If you made a mistake, own it – If your service was at fault or if the company failed the customer in any way, acknowledge that immediately and offer a resolution.

However, if any part of your customer’s disappointment doesn’t come from your service or product, be sure to point this out. If someone expected service that you do not provide, help the customer understand this and offer an alternative solution.

Make it right and share your plan – If you can resolve any issues on the spot, do so. The quicker the resolution, the happier everyone will be.

On the other hand, if you cannot resolve the issue quickly, share a plan for resolution with the customer. Match the level of compensation to the level of inconvenience to your customer, but know that sometimes a full refund isn’t necessary.

If you make a genuine effort to fairly compensate the customer for their inconvenience, you have a better chance to keep that customer.

Don’t be abused – Some customers demand special attention and will fight for an outrageous request. Identify people who abuse your services. If your company charges a flat fee for a one-time product and a customer calls you 20 times a day for help, you may need to set limitations so they don’t abuse your services.

A disciplined and professional approach to dealing with customers can help you resolve problems with them the right way.

Have you ever dealt with a situation where the customer was not right? Share your story in our comments section below.

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Why Customer Service Matters in Any Role

customer_service_matters_webNo company is too big or too small to avoid the effects of customer interaction with current, new, or potential customers. If a company has good customer service, people will assume they also have good products.

And since customers will remember if they have a bad experience with you or your employer, it’s extremely important to maintain a positive attitude and provide excellent customer service every day. To help you put your best foot forward, take a look at these reasons why customer service is important. Then, check out a few quick tips to remember when you interact with customers.

Positive customer service can help your career path.
Employers keep a close eye on their employees to ensure they are doing great work. This means you have a perfect opportunity to stand out and shine in your role. Show up to work on time, maintain a positive attitude, answer customers’ questions quickly, be helpful, and go the extra mile when you can. It may seem like a lot of work, but when your employer notices how important customer service is to you, it may lead to promotions, raises, bonuses, or other rewards. And if you’re on a temporary assignment, great customer service can even lead to a permanent job.

Good experiences lead to return customers.
Customers who have positive interactions with employees and experience a high level of service will likely return to the business. If you went to a restaurant that had poor service, would you return? Most likely, the answer is no. Likewise, if you went to a restaurant with exceptional service and a positive atmosphere, chances are good that you’ll return. The same goes for customers who visit your workplace. In fact, a study by InfoQuest found that a totally satisfied customer contributes 14 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer.

Customer service can separate you from the competition.
Companies must compete for business, and customer satisfaction can be the one thing that sets them apart. If there are two businesses that sell similar products, but one has a poor customer service record, which business will likely receive the most customers? The one with the better service, of course. Today, reviewing companies and receiving recommendations for businesses is easier than ever. Even one poor customer service interaction can lead to a negative review, which could lead to lost customers.

Happy customers can lead to a happy work environment.
When a company keeps its customers happy, it usually creates a trickle effect on employees. According to Forbes, positive customer interaction leads to great work, which “leads to greater productivity, less absenteeism and turnover, and reduced retention costs.” If your supervisors and co-workers are as determined as you are to be great every day, your work environment is sure to improve. As Forbes states, “Often, doing things for your customers also works better for you.”

Now that you know how important customer service is, how do you make sure you’re doing your best?

Evaluate your own customer service experiences.
When it comes to how people interact with your company, it’s about more than products. People are interacting with you, and they expect to have a positive experience. Taking the time to be courteous and respectful goes a long way. Think about your own experiences and the businesses that left you either smiling or steaming. Consider adopting the positive elements from those experiences so you can help your customers enjoy the interactions they have with you.

Be positive from the start.
Excellent customer service begins with the first word you say. Whether it’s a greeting as customers walk in the door, an exchange over the phone, or the opening line in an email, you set the tone for your customer interaction. Remember to smile, offer assistance, and speak clearly in all communications.

Lend an ear.
It isn’t always easy to be on the receiving end of customers’ frustrations, especially when you are not to blame. But, attentive listening can be a catalyst for breaking down barriers and creating a fix for the situation. When you listen politely to a customer, you help them feel valued and may be able to solve their complaint more effectively. Remember to ask for assistance from your supervisor if a complaint is out of your control or you cannot remedy the situation.

Follow up in a timely manner.
When a customer has a question, always be as helpful and quick as you can. If you don’t know the answer, let the customer know that you will find out as soon as possible and follow up with the answer they need. If a customer has a complaint you can’t resolve, let your supervisor handle the situation, but be sure to follow up with the customer to ensure they received the help they needed.

Exceed expectations.
Whenever you can, go above and beyond. Anticipate your customers’ needs by offering assistance, making suggestions, or following up with them. Impress your supervisor by exceeding quotas, asking if you can help with additional tasks, or offering to stay late if the workload is overwhelming. When you go above and beyond, customers will notice and may even tell your supervisor. As much as a positive review can help a business, it can also help your career.

How do you maintain excellent customer service? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Poll: How Does Your Company Ensure Great Customer Service?

MOV_POLL-ICONOften, employees are the face and voice of a business. What people think about a company usually comes from the interactions they have with the people who work there. In fact, a recent survey by Accenture reports that 66% of customers switch companies due to poor service.

Since maintaining a positive image is important for any business to succeed, we want to know how your company ensures you and your co-workers maintain a great level of customer service. Let us know by voting in our poll.

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