International Update Your Resume Month

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, now may be the time that inspires you to do it. September was International Update Your Resume Month, designated by Career Directors International. We at Job Journey want to help you revamp and polish your resume with these four tips.

Remove Past Work Experience That’s No Longer Relevant

Resumes are supposed to be brief and to the point. On your resume, you do not need to list every job you’ve held. Remove jobs or internships you had in college if you’ve been working in your field for five or 10 years. The acceptable length for a resume is normally two pages, so you can trim the fat by removing early employment. There may be times though when your previous work experience will benefit your resume. If it is beneficial, you’ll want to keep it listed.

Update Your Resume With Job Milestones

Don’t just update your resume when actively looking for a new job. Include milestones on your resume while they are fresh in your mind, so you don’t forget key details later. Grab a coffee, your favorite beverage, or a snack when you have some free time, and think back on your professional achievements to date. Add a few bullet points to describe your work in your role. You want to be able to explain anything you put down on your resume. Make sure your resume is accurate and tells a story of your work achievements.

List Any New Skills and Training

Do you have a list of skills or certifications you can add to your resume? Maybe you’ve learned a new computer program or have a mentor showing you new ways to work effectively in the field. Have you been through any professional development training recently? If you played a significant role at any recent conferences, workshops, or events you’ve attended, include it on your resume. You could even put these new additions on your LinkedIn profile or online portfolio to refer to when you need to create a new resume or reflect on what you’ve accomplished in your career.

Proofread Your Resume

Your contact information section is one area of the resume where accuracy is important. If your phone number or email address is wrong or has changed, you need to make the necessary changes. People who examine your resume will recognize the effort you put into making it stand out.

Remember that your resume is your brand, and you’ll want to highlight all you can to show off your hard work.

What are some things you need to update on your resume?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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