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Celebrating Mothers in the Workplace

Mother’s Day will be celebrated this Sunday, May 8. In light of the annual celebration, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the influence of mothers not only at home, but also in the workplace. We’ll take a look at the dual roles women play, recap results from a survey of working moms, and cover some basic statistics around this topic.

A Shift in the Workplace
Currently about 70% of women with children under the age of 18 participate in the workforce in the United States, according to the United States Department of Labor. Additionally, Ancestry.com suggests this is an enormous 800% increase since 1860, when only 7.5% of mothers were in the workforce. The shift in working mom numbers really started happening in the 1940s, and especially the 1960s with the women’s rights movement.

Working Moms Surveyed
Express Employment Professionals recently released a survey revealing the attitudes of working moms. When mothers were asked if they would work even if they didn’t have to, a resounding 62% said “yes.” For some, working isn’t a choice, but rather a necessity. And, as this survey found, this reality has prompted more businesses to offer benefits to working parents. For example, two-thirds of those surveyed said they permit working moms and dads to take advantage of flexible hours.

A Wearer of Many Hats
As the number of moms in the workforce continues to rise, working mothers balance work and family every single day, becoming masters of multitasking. Whether it’s running errands, attending meetings, or carting their kids to events all over town, working moms often go nonstop to take care of their families and succeed in their careers. Managing a hectic schedule and making the most of time at home, working moms are an inspiration and example of determination, ambition, and balance for many.

Here at Movin’ On Up, we salute our associates who are working mothers and wish all of them a happy Mother’s Day!

Are you a working mother? Do you have tips for other working moms? Let us know in the comments section below!


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Celebrate Women’s History Month With These Stats

March is Women’s History Month in the United States and is a great time to reflect on the many accomplishments of the nation’s leaders. In 1981, Congress requested President Ronald Reagan to proclaim the week beginning March 7 as “Women’s History Week.” Since 1995, a series of annual proclamations have designated the entire month of March “Women’s History Month.”

To help you celebrate the annual observance, take a look at this infographic from ATG Stores.

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St. Patrick’s Day Tips for Your Job Search

StPts1Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day in the United States, which means it’s a great time to brush up on a few magic tricks that may help you land the job. To assist you as you go for the job search gold, we’ve rounded up some of our best lucky tips.

Lucky Breaks in the Workplace
Do you ever feel like some people are just lucky, especially when it comes to their professional life? Somehow they get all the attention and wind up getting promoted, all while you faithfully show up every day, do what’s asked of you, and are still in the same position you started out in.

Turns out, getting a promotion rarely has anything to do with luck and everything to do with hard work. Check out these tips to advance your career.

Resume Tips from St. Patrick
When you’re trying to catch a potential employer’s eye, your resume has to stand out from the crowd. It has to have something extra, a little bit of magic that no other resume has. But, sometimes magic is hard to come by, and it can be difficult to find ways to make your resume distinct.

To help you stand out, take note of these seven tactics and add some luck to your job search.

Lucky Words for Your Resume
On average, a hiring manager will look over a resume for only six seconds, and if they don’t see something that stands out, you may not end up landing an interview. Knowing this fact can add even more stress to the job search process, but it doesn’t have to.

In fact, resume writing is easier than you think, and these lucky words can help your resume get a hiring manager’s attention.

What lucky breaks have you experienced in your job search? Share your story in the comments section below!

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Wishing You a Year Filled With Hope and Promise

It’s been a great year for Movin’ On Up, and we want to thank all of our readers for sharing your job journeys with us. In order to spend time with our families this holiday season, we will take a break from posting content until Monday, Dec. 28.

We look forward to sharing even more tips with you in 2016! Wishing you and yours a year filled with hope and promise from everyone here at Express Employment Professionals.


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Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

wokplace holidaysIt’s the height of the holiday season, which means many retailers are experiencing a sharp increase in staff, stock, and customers. And while the spike in store traffic is great for job seekers and business alike, it also means an increase in hazards and risks on the job.

To help keep yourself, your co-workers, and the customers safe during busy holiday shopping days, check out these tips!

Know the risks.
Some of the risks associated with the holiday shopping season are ones that exist in the workplace every day, regardless of the time of year. Such risks include ergonomic issues that lead to numbness and pain, like carpel tunnel syndrome or muscle and joint problems. During the holiday season, workers may experience an increased need to reach high places and work at a more frantic pace, increasing the risk of injuries.

Establish safety guidelines.
Your employers should have safety procedures in place to help protect you and other workers from injury. It’s your job to follow those procedures. Retail employers need to be sure the workplace is properly staffed, properly organized, and that employees are not so rushed to complete tasks that they overlook basic safety procedures. All employees should report any unsafe or hazardous conditions to their supervisors so they can respond to reports quickly and safely.

Protect yourself.
To protect yourself on the job, make sure you use proper lifting techniques, avoid twisting and reaching overhead as much as you can, and communicate any difficulties you experience to your supervisor.

Watch out for the customers.
A safety concern that is easily overlooked is the increased hazards to the public while shopping in the aisles of retail stores. Stocking activity can be much higher during hours customers are present, and many employees will be performing stocking tasks in close proximity to customers. Due to the high business volume of the season, customers are often exposed to more equipment and stock on the sales floor and activity above their heads and feet. To deal with this additional liability, employers can move merchandise and equipment through stores using an additional employee to direct traffic on the aisles, stock heavier items on lower shelves, and ensure everyone is trained and aware of the special hazards associated with customer interaction.

Understand the regulations.
Crowd safety has become an important topic during peak holiday hours like Black Friday. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a website dedicated to helping retail employees manage crowds on special shopping days. They encourage employers and their employees to plan, communicate, and have an emergency response procedure in place. Check out OSHA’s website for more information.

As with other days of the year, it’s very important to maintain safe working conditions during the busy season. Making sure you’re following proper procedures can ensure that you go home healthy and happy to enjoy the holidays with friends and family.

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Happy Veterans Day to Our Veterans

In the United States, Veterans Day is Nov. 11. First proclaimed “Armistice Day” by President Wilson in 1919, this day was created as a celebration with a parade, public meetings, and brief suspension of the business day. In 1938, Nov. 11 became an annual legal holiday to honor America’s soldiers.

Today, Express Employment Professionals is proud of our veterans and we want to wish everyone a very happy Veterans Day!


If you’re a veteran who is currently looking for a job, check out these Movin’ On Up articles for tips on how to use your experience to help you:

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And to our friends in Canada, we wish you a happy Remembrance Day! A memorial day observed to remember the members of Canada’s armed forces who died in the line of duty, Remembrance Day is sometimes known as Poppy Day and is also celebrated on Nov. 11.


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